About Pandora Blake

Hi - I'm Pandora Blake, a feminist porn performer and producer based in the UK.

I like spanking. I've actually liked spanking for as long as I can remember - my earliest memories are of secretly nurturing kinky fantasies, although I never dared tell anyone about them. I was lucky to hit puberty in the 90s, and at the age of 13 I made my first explorations online. When I discovered BDSM porn, I felt simultaneously excited, validated and relieved to discover I wasn't alone.

After a brief hiccup at university when I tried to suppress my desires, my romantic and sex lives have always heavily featured BDSM and spanking. It's a huge part of my identity, something I find arousing, cathartic and therapeutic. The exchange of trust and vulnerability builds intimacy, and I find the way consensual pain grounds me in my body to be very healing.

I got into erotic modelling as a student, and quickly found my way into the world of the UK spanking video industry. It was the perfect outlet for my creativity and within a few years I was producing and directing my own films. In 2011 I launched my feminist porn site Dreams of Spanking, a personal and autobiographical art project that is also radically political and gender-critical.

I'm a service-oriented switch who enjoys topping and bottoming in equal measure, although with new partners I'm usually more comfortable playing top. I love consensual corporal punishment, roleplay, sensation play, sensual BDSM, erotic humiliation, rough sex and fucking with gender expectations. I'm a queer femme and an empathic sadomasochist.

I'm an activist and outspoken advocate regarding sex workers rights, sexual freedom, censorship and civil liberties, kink acceptance, ethical pornography and the female gaze in erotic media.