Amelia Jane Rutherford joins our sponsored caning

Our sponsored caning fundraiser to fight against UK porn censorship has now raised £1400 – thank you so much to all who have donated so far! But we aren’t stopping there. All proceeds raised (and I mean literally all – we aren’t keeping a penny) will go to Backlash, who campaign against laws that restrict sexual freedom – and maintain a legal fund to help defend those prosecuted under such laws.

No UK fetish porn producer can afford an expensive court battle. We are all small independent businesses operated by solo kinksters or couples, working from home and barely making a living after the costs of running a website. Any producers affected by these regulations will desperately need Backlash’s support – and it’s up to us, the kinky community, to help ensure Backlash have the resources they need.

Encouraged by the amazing support we’ve received so far, we are continuing to promote the campaign and are adding new stretch goals. Every pound will help in the battle against the UK’s draconian new censorship of consensual kinky porn.

Glamour bondage producers Restrained Elegance – whose work depicting consensual bondage with gags has been criminalised by the new regulations – are joining me and Nimue Allen in taking a stand against them. They have added some tempting new perks to the fundraiser, and your donation can now earn you a three month or a year-long subscription to their high-end barefoot rope and metal bondage website, which boasts the highest production values I have ever seen from an independent porn site.

Restrained Elegance is co-owned by founder Hywel Phillips and his wife Ariel Anderssen, who is known in the spanking scene as Amelia Jane Rutherford. Ariel has bravely volunteered her bottom to increase the number of cane strokes on offer. Thanks to the first thousand pounds raised, Nimue Allen and I are now taking 50 strokes each. For every £10 thereafter, the strokes will be shared by Rosie Bottomley and Ariel Anderssen. So if you want to see Ariel and Rosie take their share of cane strokes, get donating!

As an added bonus, we have two new rewards to offer if the fundraiser reaches our stretch goal of £2000.

Firstly, if we make it to two thousand, Hywel and Ariel will release a never-before-seen 24 stroke judicial caning film which they shot last year with Michael Stamp. This is a real treat – Ariel very rarely has the opportunity to take cold canings, as her rigorous schedule as a professional model and actress means she has to be careful about marking. Here are some screengrabs from this film to whet your appetite:

Ariel Anderssen receives hard judicial caning - Restrained Elegance

Ariel Anderssen receives hard judicial caning - Restrained Elegance

Ariel Anderssen receives hard judicial caning - Restrained Elegance

Ariel Anderssen receives hard judicial caning - Restrained Elegance

Ariel Anderssen receives hard judicial caning - Restrained Elegance

Ariel Anderssen receives hard judicial caning - Restrained Elegance

As if that wasn’t enough, Michael Stamp, the owner of Bars and Stripes, has offered to donate a film of his own if the campaign reaches the £2000 mark, starring his gorgeous partner Zoe Page as you’ve never seen her before

The film is brand new, and will premiere at the British Fetish Film Festival next month. Michael describes it as a study in the anticipation a submissive feels before an impending punishment. He explains, “We pondered over whether to do it or not as Zoe makes her living being a Domme and has always shied away from any public portrayal of her in a submissive role, but she was all for it. We wanted to make a sensuous film about the spanking genre, and decided in the end that it would do no harm for her to be seen, at least in a one-off way, as a sub.” Zoe has never been seen in a submissive role on film before – so if you’re as tantalised by this idea as I am, please chip in and help us achieve our stretch goal of two thousand pounds!

Sinful Sunday – erotic spanking

Some steamy, sun-drenched spanking photos to warm your screens on a chilly January evening…

Sinful Sunday

Channel 4 debate on UK porn protest

You have all probably seen this already, but I haven’t mentioned it here yet – on 12th December after the facesitting protest outside Parliament against the new UK porn laws, I was invited to debate the issue on Newsnight. This was my first proper TV appearance and it was a big deal for me.

My segment was 6 minutes long and you can watch it online here (although you have to get through some mildly sneery Channel 4 commentary on the protest itself first):

My opponent was Anne Atkins – I had to Google her to find out, but she is a well-known homophobic Christian bigot, outspoken in her opposition to LGBT equality. What was interesting was that although I was booked the day before, the producers really struggled to find anyone to debate against me. I was texting them on Friday afternoon asking for a name so I could go in with a minimal amount of preparation, but it wasn’t until an hour before the broadcast that they were able to give me Anne’s name. It seems that there aren’t many political commentators willing to stand up and defend this sort of heavy handed, ill-considered nanny state censorship. Shame, then, that only five MPs have signed the early day motion requesting a debate on this issue in Parliament. My impression of public opinion on this issue is that most people agree the new laws are ridiculous, but very few are willing to label themselves pro-porn or pro-kink by standing up and challenging them.

Unfortunately, their struggle to find me an opponent meant that I ended up debating this legislation with someone who was completely uninformed. Anne had received a call only 90 minutes before the broadcast and had jumped on a train without time to read up on the issue. She didn’t know what the law said, and she wasn’t interested in debating it, instead using her time to make very arguments against porn in general, claiming that it is inherently exploitative and that violent porn causes rape, etc.

I felt like it was a bit of a missed opportunity – I’d have loved to get stuck into arguing the real issues here of online censorship, obscenity legislation, the argument that extreme porn “depraves and corrupts” and the discrepancy between what it’s legal to do and what it’s legal to depict – not to mention the ways in which the BBFC and ATVOD regulations disproportionately target sex acts associated with queer, kinky and feminist sex. I’d have loved to have more time to talk about the problems that do exist within the sex industry and the importance of full decriminalisation in reducing harm and stigma. Instead, it was a Porn 101 debate about whether all porn is harmful or degrading to women. Yawn. Still, I suppose if that conversation still needs having, it’s still worth having until we have a consensus understanding that porn, like the internet itself, is a morally neutral medium, neither inherently harmful or helpful – and that performer consent and ethical production are far more important than the nature of the fantasy depicted.

If you oppose the censorship of fetish acts including face-sitting, bondage, breath-play and spanking that leaves marks in UK porn, please support my sponsored caning fundraiser to raise money for Backlash, the UK campaign group that are fighting these regulations.

Video blog about UK porn censorship

I finally got round to making a video blog about the new UK porn censorship laws. The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations (AVMS) 2014 impose dramatic restrictions on the sort of online porn that can be published in the UK, disproportionately targeting fetish, queer and feminist porn with no reference to whether the content was ethically and consensually produced. These laws criminalise me and my site Dreams of Spanking, and put me and other independent UK porn producers in a very precarious position. If you want to know more detail about the laws, exactly what is restricted, and how they affect me, watch this.

I recorded this at 1am a week ago without notes, because I’ve talked about this damn issue so much in the last six weeks I no longer need a cribsheet. As a result it’s a little longer than I wanted – I might make some bullet points and attempt a 5 minute version at some point. I sent it to Backlash UK before posting to check I wasn’t saying anything glaringly inaccurate, and they replied with a few clarifications as follows:

  • If porn is not classifiable as R18 or deemed by ATVOD to be compliant, it’s not just illegal for UK producers to sell it in the UK, they can’t sell it anywhere in the world.
  • I mentioned Ms Tytania had gone to court and won. Actually she won her appeal to Ofcom, before the case went to court. She would have gone to court if Ofcom had upheld ATVOD’s decision.
  • The judge in the branding case may well have been looking for an excuse to make a lenient ruling, rather than being heteronormative. Another judge more recently was quite explicit in ruling that some BDSM play wasn’t bodily harm, which sets an encouraging case precedent.
  • My comments on watersports are somewhat overstated. The rules regarding pissing are the same as for squirting – it is OK if solitary, but depictions of pissing on someone or consuming pee are banned. However this constitutes a large proportion of watersports BDSM play.

These laws impose a regressive conformity, stifle creativity and free expression, and discriminate against queer, feminist and fetish porn. They are unethical, undemocratic, unjust and unworkable. If you agree, please share the video – and donate to our sponsored caning fundraiser to help Backlash fight these draconian new laws. Since I announced it on Sunday evening we’re already at 200% of our target, and Nimue and I are each taking 50 hard strokes of the cane!

But legal fees are expensive, and I’m sure Ms Tytania won’t be the only UK fetish porn producer to need Backlash’s support in an appeal against Ofcom or a legal challenge against ATVOD. It’s wonderful to be able to donate a meaningful amount to this fight, but this doesn’t end here – more donations just mean more producers we can help (and more bottoms you get to watch getting caned!) So spread the word, donate if you haven’t already, and let’s show the censors they’ve got a fight on their hands.

Help me fight the new UK porn laws

When there’s important stuff happening, there’s usually not much time to write about it – and that’s how things have been the last few weeks.

In December, what I was mostly writing about was the new UK porn laws that mean that I, along with countless other independent fetish and feminist porn producers in the UK, am now a criminal. There was a protest and a bunch of media coverage. I talked about the new laws on Channel 4 News. The petition collected a few thousand names, and then the signatures stopped coming in (If you haven’t signed it yet, please do). Christmas happened. And now it’s 2015, and I’m still a criminal, these regulations are still in place, they still haven’t been debated in Parliament or been subject to any democratic scrutiny by elected officials. Many of my colleagues have signed their businesses over to international producers, and I have no idea whether that will be enough to save them. I’m still producing exactly the same material I always have, and the Sword of Damocles is still hanging over my head.

It’s a new year, and now the best chance for me and every other producer affected by this is to join forces and support Backlash, the campaign group who are lobbying against these regulations – as well as defending freedom of sexual expression on many other fronts. The best way to support them, if you can, is by donating hard cash. They explain on their website:

The majority of our income is spent on legal support for people who fall foul of laws and practises that criminalise, or discriminate against, their consensual and victimless sexual practises. We also endeavour to advocate our beliefs in such freedoms and make challenges to the legislative process where we can.

Any producer who refuses to comply with these regulations and ends up in court will need every bit of support Backlash has to offer. I make a monthly donation, but I can’t afford much – certainly not enough to make a meaningful contribution towards legal expenses.

There are other things I can offer, however.

A few years ago I raised money for Cancer Research by offering to take a cane stroke for every £10 raised. Now, I’m doing the same again, and my friend Nimue Allen – another producer affected by this legislation – is joining me.

Here’s the deal. For every £10 raised, we will take one HARD cane stroke. The cane strokes will be split equally – so if we meet our fundraising goal of £500, we will take 25 strokes each. If we make £100, we’ll take 5 each. You get the picture.

I’m giving away a free copy of my 2009 film Backlash to everyone who donates at least £10. It’s a topical film – I shot it after attending the protest against the extreme porn legislation in early 2009, in which I play a protester punished by my overbearing uncle for attending the demonstration. There are also other perks available if you can afford to give more. Fancy lunch with me? A private spanking session? A Skype date with Nimue? Dig deep, and these could be yours. (Plus, you’ll have sponsored a large number of severe cane strokes!)

The fundraiser ends on 31 January 2015, so we have to move fast – you’ve got two weeks to make your donation and earn us as many cane strokes as possible! The caning will take place after the funding deadline, will be filmed, and the video will be released online for free in February. All donors will be named and thanked in the final film (just let us know how you want to be credited). The perks will also be given out after the campaign ends.

I really hope that we can raise enough money to leave marks that will be far more than “transient and trifling” – exactly the sort of material that these laws are censoring. Nothing would please me more than to defy these ridiculous regulations at the same time as giving some real-world support to the organisation with the best chance of fighting them.

Any questions, just let me know. This is the best method I have of raising as much money as possible for a cause which deeply affects me. My whole career, my life, my art, my activism hangs in the balance. Please share this post widely, dig deep and donate what you can.

Strength through humiliation

One of the things I love about working with Nimue is that she always opens my mind to new kinks. She is, hands down, the most interestingly filthiest person I know, which given the company I keep is quite an accolade. I love her mind, her acceptance of the darkest facets of her kinky psyche, and the way her fetishes and play personas combine strength and vulnerability in such fascinating ways.

On our most recent shoot she wanted to shoot a scene that was new to me – a point of view humiliation scene with me providing instructions and verbal abuse from behind the camera. This wasn’t something I would normally consider, but I always feel very open to new ideas when I’m working with Nimue. She showed me the props she’d brought – a cheap blonde wig, make-up, high heels – and we discussed what she wanted, particularly the language.

Nimue is one of the few people I know who fetishises abusive language relating to her size. “Piggy” is her pet name from her top, and she enjoys “fat pig” humiliation play that criticises her body. As a submissive, this is a huge no for me – just as food control and starvation is another hard limit, another thing Nimue enjoys toying with. I admire the strength of character in someone who can choose to reclaim fatphobic slurs as a form of kinky play, thereby stripping them of their real-world power to hurt. Nimue described the mentality to me as follows – “I know I’m fat, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Call me fat, and you aren’t insulting me, just stating a fact.” She is no more immune to insecurity about her looks than the rest of us, and it takes a real strength of mind to resist and subvert the body-shaming messages we are bombarded with in media and advertising by turning them on their head, and using them as tools for kinky head games of her own devising.

Kinky verbal humiliation scene starring Nimue Allen and Pandora Blake

I said I wasn’t sure I was comfortable using body-shaming language, but in the end, I did. When I started to insult Nimue, she held her head up and calmly returned my gaze. I verbally abused her, and I could see a smile playing on her lips as she absorbed the insults, claimed them as her own, and responded with nothing but pride. If she had reacted with shame or fear, I would have held back, but her self-acceptance made me feel safe. I ended up being far nastier and more insulting than I had expected to be – and she loved it.

The language we had negotiated I would use – insulting her for being a slut, a whore, telling her she was disgusting to be sexual and to enjoy kinky play – represented the opposite of my own point of view. My role was not to express my own opinions but to hold up a mirror, to play the part of the worst sort of conservative, whorephobic, misogynistic, slut-shaming, body-shaming prude so that Nimue could rise above it. I was fascinated by the power these words held to make me feel so uncomfortable – and even more fascinated to discover how aroused they made her.

Verbal abuse is now illegal to show in porn in the UK, even consensually, which I think is a remarkable example of the ways in which the lawmakers do not understand the sophistication and complexity of kink psychology. Kink is where we explore our shadow. It’s when the things that frighten us, or make us uncomfortable, anxious or angry, turn us on. To mindfully explore our kinks is to turn to our shadow and accept it – to understand that being turned on by something is not the same as morally condoning it. Consensually enacting, roleplaying or mimicking abuse with a trusted friend in a safe space is not the same thing as really abusing someone or being abused. But the power of these actions and words comes from their taboo nature – from our fear of them, our anger about them, the negative associations they hold. If you have been called a slut, or a whore, or a freak, in real life – if you have been told you are fat, and fat is bad and ugly and undesirable – then these words have power. It’s up to us how we respond to that power. Kinky people respond by subverting it; turning the power to hurt us into the power to please us. Perhaps it’s a defence mechanism or a coping strategy. Perhaps it’s a way of healing. Perhaps it’s just an involuntary physical response to something uncomfortable, like laughing or crying. Whatever it is, it’s incredibly powerful.

I got into the scene way more than I expected. The abuse was a role, a performance – I didn’t relate to the character I was playing, I just wanted to be a foil for Nimue, to provide the ugliness that would show, by contrast, how beautiful she is. When she looked straight down the lens and repeated the words I told her to, with a demeanour of such gentle pride, such comfortable self-acceptance, I felt ridiculously proud to be her friend.

Kinky verbal humiliation scene starring Nimue Allen and Pandora Blake

Once I got into the swing of it, my sadistic impulse kicked in. I found myself wanting to deviate from the script, to surprise her. Her unflappable calm became a challenge. I wanted to push at it, to see what it would take to make her react. “Freak” was the first word we hadn’t negotiated, and she took that in her stride. Then I had the idea of making her slap herself in the face, and hold the vibrator in her mouth, and talk with her mouth full. That definitely got a reaction. I’ve never enjoyed humiliation before as a top – it was a rush.

One new kink I discovered during this scene was how she looked in the cheap wig, the bad, trashy makeup, with cheeks flushed from being freshly slapped, and lipstick smeared across her face. She looked like someone had smacked her mouth and then fucked it, and I was astonished to find myself getting aroused by the image. It’s funny how even once we think we know our fetishes inside out, new ones can reveal themselves.

Kinky verbal humiliation scene starring Nimue Allen and Pandora Blake

When I’m being fucked and feeling submissive I love to be told I’m a slut. It doesn’t make me feel ashamed – it just makes me feel horny. I know there’s nothing wrong with being a slut, and having the word thrown at me doesn’t make me feel bad. But the word has power, and what might make us feel angry or frustrated in a truly non-consensual situation can just as easily make us feel horny in a consensual one.

We can be advocates for slut pride, for sex worker rights, for body positivity and kink acceptance – and we can play with those taboos in private, in the safe container of a scene space. There’s no paradox there. It’s our genuine hatred of real-world abuse that gives play abuse its power.

The other favourite moment in this scene was giving Nimue masturbation instructions. I loved zooming close in on her cunt, visibly glistening with wetness, and telling her exactly how to touch herself. It was an intimate, relateable moment – me, a cunt-owner, telling her how to touch her cunt, wanting to build up the anticipation and erotic energy before I let her come, and knowing exactly how to drive her wild with frustration. There wasn’t any humiliation in that part of the scene – just cunt love, teasing and desire.

After shooting this scene Nimue was so worked up she had to have a second orgasm after the camera stopped rolling – and when I was masturbating on my own later, I summoned the image of her make-up smeared face, and imagined smearing her lipstick more with my cock while she looked up at me with shining, unashamed eyes. I loved Nimue’s strength in this scene, the way the humiliation illuminated the stability of her self-esteem. It was so powerful to witness the way she absorbed each insult as erotic energy, and emerged aroused, empowered and completely unhurt.

Kinky verbal humiliation scene starring Nimue Allen and Pandora Blake

You can watch “What are you?” at Nimue’s World, under the “body writing” tag. When I saw it just now, it was a two-wank watch. I never expected to enjoy participating in this sort of verbal humiliation scene so much – or for the resulting video to be porn for me. But you learn something new every day – particularly when you’re shooting with Nimue.

Bitch in business

Three Columbia Business School students have made a kick-ass feminist parody of Meghan Trainor’s catchy hit “All About That Bass” (which I love, by the way). The feminist remake takes the pro-curves, body-positive message of the original and raises it with a message about intellectual and financial equality.

It’s a hard-hitting topic, but the lyrics tackle it with playful humour. Bitch in Business is relatable and on-point. I think my favourite line is “a piss is the only thing that I’ll take sitting down”.

Not only that, but the video is surprisingly kinky. A woman cracking a whip to the lyric “I’m a tiger in the sack”, a paddle that says “bitch” on it, a house husband doing the ironing in a gimp mask, male dancers shaking their booty and a woman giving a guy an actual smack on the arse at 1:47. I love it.

It’s not perfect. The stereotype that a bitch in the boardroom is also a bitch in the bedroom is a tired one, and I don’t love the way this parody associates material success with sexual dominance. Being dominant in bed isn’t about being richer or more successful – anyone can be sexually dominant or submissive, regardless of their career position or wealth. I would have also liked to see more body diversity. The original is all about taking pride in your size, but all three of the women here are thinner than Trainor. Two white women and one Asian – now a black woman taking centre stage, that would have been radical. But I’m being picky. To get its message across, parody always leans on shallow tropes, and it’s pretty common for satire to subvert one stereotype while propping up others.

What I like about this video is the emphasis throughout on the female erotic gaze. Muscled bare-armed men washing cars, twerking and wrestling for the entertainment of the women looking on – that’s something we could see a lot more of in mainstream music videos.

Despite rolling my eyes at the somewhat lazy use of the “bitchy boss” domme stereotype, it is good to see a portrayal of women being sexually dominant for their own pleasure. The ‘dominatrix’ trope is usually about a woman worker fulfilling a male fantasy, not her own desires. There’s no doubt here that the bitches in business get their kicks from being in charge – in the bedroom and out of it.

And I’ll always be happy to see “kinky” equated with “successful”. There is still far too much stigma against kinky sexualities, and feminism in particular often struggles to accept that kinky sex can be progressive. So thank you, bitches in business – for the feminist message, the half-naked men, the inclusion of kink in a feminist manifesto, and the sexy, positive portrayal of female dominance and male submission.

How kinky internet porn ruined my life

This guest post by James was written in response to the new online censorship of many common, consensual fetish acts in UK porn. Click here to find out more about the law and how it affects us.

I was six years old when I first enjoyed a spanking experience. This wasn’t a consequence of being abused by a parent, teacher or dodgy relative. It was a playground game where, without thinking, I smacked a five-year old girl through her thin summer skirt and found that I rather enjoyed feeling the shape of her bottom and hearing her squeal.

Although there was precious little in my life to fuel my interest, I kept on wanting to know more and understand more what it might feel like to give or receive physical punishment. My fantasies progressed from hand spankings to canes, slipper, belts, and just about any implement you can imagine. I tried quite a few things on myself but had no opportunity to explore my desires with others.

Every so often I would get an unexpected thrill from encountering a school punishment scene in a comic book, or a spanking in a vanilla movie. I would love to have had the opportunity to talk over my interest with anyone – ideally face-to-face, but by email or messenger would have been good. But it wasn’t an option. I couldn’t risk telling anyone just how weird I was. I certainly couldn’t involve anyone else in my fantasy play. I found myself behaving oddly – spending hours looking up words in a dictionary that related to corporal punishment, and even more hours perusing the history section in public libraries to glean everything I could on the subject. Somewhere along that journey I came across a fairly scholarly work called The English Vice by Ian Gibson and learned that others (albeit probably a few very strange people) shared my interest, and that there were even adult magazines dedicated to the subject.

At a time when most of my contemporaries were enjoying their first teen flirtations, I held back. Put simply, I would far prefer to put a girl across my knee and spank her bottom than I would want to have sex, and I assumed, probably correctly, that most of the girls I encountered would denounce me as a weirdo if they discovered my predilection.

In my late teens I learned where to find of some of those magazines, and began collecting them avidly. However, they were far from easy to obtain – except when I was able to find a reason to travel to London and visit the Janus shop in Soho. The whole process only really served to emphasise that I was in a very tiny minority. The Janus shop was as good as it got, but I never managed to have a conversation with other customers or the shop staff, and I was never really sure whether they were really into the subject, or just doing it as a way to make money.

Moving on, I went to university and managed to still avoid getting sucked into a physical relationship there – unlike almost all of my contemporaries – for a reason that I was becoming used to. There was one brief glimmer when I think, with hindsight, a girl indicated to me that she might share my enthusiasm, at least to some extent, but I missed the moment and it never came back again.

So why am I blaming kinky internet porn? Basically for being about forty years too late for me. Because of my personal priorities in sexuality I’ve never had a long term and serious relationship, and certainly never married. Had the internet been around when I was growing up, things could have been so different. I might have found places where I could communicate with others of like mind, and get some answers and some guidance. I could have avoided some stupid decisions and some very risky experiments that could have had dreadful consequences.

Most importantly I could have actually embraced some real relationships. Very recently I’ve finally managed to make contact face-to-face with a lovely young lady who has helped me to understand more about my passionate interests and to appreciate how this kink really works. I just wish the internet and all its kinky glory had been available to me when I was growing up, so that I didn’t have to waste most of my life living this awful, isolated nightmare.

And to the government that has now decided to censor our access to UK based materials I say: shame on you. You don’t know the damage you are causing.

If you agree with James and want to stand up to the state censors who want to control what we can and can’t watch online, even in the case of harmless, consensual kink, please sign this petition, and write to your MP asking them to sign the early day motion for a debate on this issue in Parliament.

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For our UK readers, we would like to make a special request that you take a moment and fill out this petition to repeal the new censorship laws.

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Supermodel spanked by Santa

I was feeling the need for a bit of light relief when my boyfriend sent me this, from US Magazine:

Kendall Jenner is featured in a new behind-the-scenes video for Love magazine’s annual Advent calendar, and it sure is naughty.

In the video directed by Doug Inglish and styled by Anthony Unwin, the budding supermodel, 19, wears a lace Philipp Plein bra, thigh-high tights, stilettos, a pleated plaid skirt, and a festive Santa hat. Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” plays in the background while Jenner slowly strips off her skirt and unabashedly shakes her hips and booty for the camera.

Kris Jenner’s oldest child with Bruce Jenner is accompanied later by a shirtless Santa, who is significantly more covered up than the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. At one point she’s even bent over his knee with her hands on the ground as he playfully spanks her.

I’m not sure where “thigh high tights” came from – don’t US magazine know what stockings are? – but the outfit will likely appeal to spanking fans. Admittedly there’s less than a second of spanking in the video, and we don’t see the actual smack land, but the magazine is kind enough to enclose a screengrab:

I thought “spanked by Santa” was only a fantasy for us perverts. Apparently it’s more popular than I realised!

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