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Posted at 20:21 on 1 Jul 2006 by Pandora / Blake

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I'm Pandora. Pleased to meet you :)

I've been into CP and BDSM in my personal life for pretty much as long as I've had one. In June 2006 I took the plunge into professional spanking modelling for the first time and discovered I love it. I'm now in my mid twenties, relieved and delighted to discover that being spanked professionally has increased my appetite for it in private.

I live in London, where I'm a self-employed designer when I'm not being spanked (and sometimes when I am). I love looking at and creating beautiful, emotive spanking porn with a strong focus on character and story. My fantasies tend to involve period settings, non-consent, severity, hapless victims, cruel institutions and unfair punishments. It takes a lot of energy to act out something that intense and edgy, and I find film the perfect vehicle for that sort of experience, especially if I can write the scenario myself.

This is how I've ended up working on my own spanking film site, through which I intend to express my fantasies, and also contribute to the growing range of porn with a feminist, 'fair-trade' ethos. I'm interested in making gender-egalitarian porn which caters to audiences that aren't always acknowledged by the industry. The idea is to offer male and female submissive actors a clear voice, and the opportunity to express their fantasies and desires, celebrating a variety of tastes and body types. I don't have as much time to work on it as I'd like, but for the moment everything else I do is informed by it, so it's worth mentioning as a work in progress.

In case it wasn't obvious, I think sex, kink and porn are political. I'm prone to talk heatedly about sexism, gender inequality in spanking porn, sex worker rights, and legislation and cultural attitudes surrounding kink.

I'm a pervert and proud. I'm a feminist, a submissive, a fetish model and an independent, opinionated woman. I do not perceive any irreconciliable inconsistences between these things. I often want and need to be spanked, but never to be silenced.



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