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English Spanking

Posted at 10:17 on 24 Aug 2006 by Pandora / Blake

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On Tuesday I found myself going back home, up to the Midlands for a shoot with Nottingham-based English Spankers. Peter and Andrew are lovely gentlemen and experienced film-makers who gave me a very warm welcome indeed. We produced three movies, experimenting with a couple of different personas. In the first film, I play a young, nervous and rather posh sixth-former applying for bar work during college holidays, at a gentlemans' club. During the job interview the manager explains the club's slightly unusual disciplinary procedures, and after her initial outrage Pandora is tempted back to inquire more closely about what this would involve. The manager decides to deal with her uncertainty by giving her a hands-on demonstration.

We decided that the club was called the "Hot Bottom Club", and before shooting began I spotted the cheesy retro Betty Boop figurine standing coyly on the edge of the bar. The obvious conclusion was to turn her around to face the wall, displaying her lacy french knickers and rounded cheeks to the whole room. I'm afraid to admit that I followed her example soon afterwards.

The second and third films were an encounter with Peter's creation "Mr Stern", who runs a service providing discipline to deserving young ladies. For this I was playing a rather different character: an arrogant bully who throws her weight around both in her job and at home, enjoying controlling and humiliating those within her domain. None of this makes her particularly happy but she's unsure how to stop, and when she sees the advertisement for Mr Stern's services she wonders if this might not be what she needs to clear her conscience and give her the motivation to stop being a bitch. A soul-searching, confessional interview is followed by a severe paddling and caning, until she knows what it's like to feel helpless and vulnerable.

The CP was of very high quality - I was particularly impressed by Mr Stern's skill with a cane. However, I found my own character almost impossible to get my head around. Not only is the whole "bully" persona completely against my personality, but the fact that she had guilt and wanted to confess seemed to contradict it. And during the CP itself, I was struggling with my reactions. It's a spanking movie, so reaction is the order of the day - lots of wriggles, kicks, yelps, plaintive squeals. At the same time, the "edge" of the scene was that it was completely consensual - that the character needed the punishment, wanted it. Several times during the scene Mr Stern asked if I thought he should continue, and I had to say "yes". Integrating that with giving enough emotion to my responses to be sexy, with a plausible "arrogant but wanting to change" personality, was quite a challenge. I'll be very interested to see the results when they're released.

So Pandora is, apparently, quite a chameleon. And according to the English Spankers themselves, she's also "beautiful, intelligent and badly in need of a damn good spanking into the bargain. What more could we ask for?"

High praise indeed! Thanks a lot, gentlemen: it was a pleasure. I'll definitely be back.


It was a pleasure spanking you my dear! I look forward to doing so again when you film for Peter or myself. Kind regards, Andrew.

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