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The problem of bruising

Posted at 10:38 on 6 Sep 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: dominance and submission, English Spankers, learning curves, making a scene, shoot writeups, Sites and studios

One of the difficulties of this industry, as any spanking model will tell you, is that of scheduling. Most photographers (and, indeed, most clients) prefer that a models bottom is unmarked at the start of a shoot. Mr Stern of English Spankers, with whom I did my first ever spanking shoot, told me that you see some spanking pics where girls already have marks at the start of the shoot, and I always think it looks brutal and cheap - generally means the model has had about 3 shoots that day.

Now, I can see his point, but its just not as simple as that. For a start, marks arent that transient I usually have to leave a week inbetween shoots to guarantee an unmarked bottom, and thats with relatively light CP, up to schoolroom level or thereabouts. Sometimes things mark more than you expected them to. The paddle bruises from that first English Spankers shoot took over a fortnight to fully fade, and I still have very faint discoloration visible from a personal play session at the July Torture Garden - nearly two months ago. (It was the swagger stick that caused the lasting bruises Im going to have to avoid those implements entirely in future. Which is unfortunate, because they feel really nice. As I believe Ive said before, my preference is definitely for heavier sensations.)

The industry is an unpredictable one, nearly as unpredictable as making and selling art (which is my other business). As well as finding work, and booking enough shoots in a month that I can afford crucial things like paying my rent and buying new shoes, I have to take the following facts into consideration:

  • My deadlines for art commissions. More complicated than it sounds, because art frequently takes more or less time than you expect, and customers are not entirely perfect when it comes to sending one information/payment/materials in time.

  • The more mainstream modelling I do invariably demands an unmarked bottom; very few art nude photographers are inclined to make a feature of bruised buttocks, and even fetish photographers arent particularly keen.

  • Photographers are very, very busy people, and frequently arent able to fill their diaries more than a couple of weeks in advance, which makes planning ahead rather more complex than it could be.

  • I do, when I have the chance, very much enjoy being caned when Im not being paid for it. Private scenes are, if anything, more likely than professional ones to result in lasting marks if Im not careful, because the greater levels of trust and security between myself and my dominant mean that I can be pushed much further physically without really noticing. This isnt something Im willing to give up if I can possibly help it.

  • Accidents have been known to happen: the doms I work with are talented and skilled individuals, but no-one is infallible. No matter how careful we are, a misjudgement of how much something will bruise can result in my having to rearrange or even cancel shoots - which none of us want. (Incidentally, these bruises have now faded arnica is wonderful stuff.)

  • My lord and master prefers to have a blank canvas to work with. He doesnt object to my choice of career and is remarkably relaxed about how frequently I come to him sporting bruises by other people (for which Im extremely grateful), but I like to please him as much as I can, and if were going out together somewhere special its nice if I can arrange to not be marked beforehand.

  • Human relationships are not predictable. I cant always fit my personal spanking precisely around my professional work, and nor would I want to the point of all this, after all, is that I do this for fun as well as for profit.
All of which makes the process of scheduling shoots far more complicated than it has any right to be. If anyone has any inspired ideas for a way around the problem, Id be pleased to hear them: in the meantime Ill just continue to juggle diary dates like a slightly frenzied circus performer, and try my hardest to keep bruising to a minimum.


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