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Caned schoolgirl

Posted at 16:19 on 10 Oct 2006 by Pandora / Blake

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My first shoot with Spanking Online was a day of new experiences for me. Not only was it my first ever shoot subbing to a woman, it was my first group shoot as well - previously it's only ever been me, the spanker, and the camera-person. For this shoot there were three sub models (me, a very cute girl called Rach, and one other), one switch (Elizabeth Simpson) and one top (Jean Bradley, with whom, coincidentally enough, I'll be shooting again on Saturday with Bars and Stripes). It was lovely, actually. After each scene I not only got a hug and a "well done!" from my domme, I also got them from the other girls who'd been watching us work. And as I was the only model other than Elizabeth who was comfortable taking more severe punishment, I will admit to a enjoying a tiny bit of an exhibitionist glow :)

Other new experiences included:

  • Being made to recite the Lord's Prayer while rubbing my bottom (could I remember it? Despite my religious upbringing? No - it took me an embarrassing three or four goes to get it right).

  • The slipper - or rather, plimsoll - which hurts far more than it has a right to.

  • Having a full-on, sisterly row with Elizabeth in one scenario, complete with insults, sticking-out of tongues, making faces at her while she was being told off, and smirking "Gutted!" and "Oooh, busted" when she was caught with me over her lap and duly punished for it. Which was so much fun to act.

  • At the end of the day, after one of the more severe caning scenes I've ever done - a scenario in which I was being punished for fighting with another girl - I stood up to receive a final lecture on not getting into fights. And before I could stop myself, found myself quipping, "Violence is wrong then, is it miss?" For which I was yelled at and received another two strokes of the cane while standing up. Which were richly deserved, I have to admit, but oooooh, I really need to remember that just because the words are in my head, that doesn't mean I have to say them out loud.

I'll tell you this, as well: Jean Bradley spanks hard. No gentle warm-up over the panties for me, oh no; it was straight in there with hard, rapid, stinging spanks. On the other hand, she also knows exactly how to pace a sub, and whenever she paused for a line of dialogue she made certain to rub and massage my bottom to relieve the pain before continuing the deluge of spanks. Which was rather lovely of her, and made me slightly more inclined to forgive her for being quite so vicious with the plimsoll later on.


There are some free galleries here and here, if you're interested, although I'm not sure how long they'll be online. I'll be working with SOL again, though, so there'll be more to come. You can expect to see me on Spank My Bottom and Spanked Schoolgirl over the course of the next few months as well.


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