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Many Canings

Posted at 18:24 on 16 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: kink, making a scene, Male spanking models, Night of the Cane, Niki Flynn, other pictures, Photos, Spanking and bondage porn, Thomas Cameron

Thomas and I had a fantastic time at Night of the Cane on Saturday: it was lovely to see old friends and make new ones, and to ogle all the pretty people and sexy school uniforms! Chats Palace was crammed to bursting - at one stage I think we drank the bar dry! - which made the party a little hot, but this didn't stop people from baring their bottoms to be made even toastier ;) There wasn't much room to play, but Thomas somehow managed to find space to bend me over for a hand spanking, and then put me over his knee in one of the classrooms upstairs for a taste of his hairbrush. I might have complained at the time, but when it was time for the caning competition I was glad to be warmed up.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the competition - everyone who entered put on a good show and there were some truly electric performances. El Diablo and Slave C wowed us all for the third year in a row - not only did they once again receive a well-earned first prize, but they even auctioned it after the event and donated the proceeds to Backlash, raising 220! An impressive gesture from a truly impressive couple. Michael Stamp, the Governing Governor of Bars and Stripes, came second place with the sparkling and lovely Sascha Harvey, whom it was my pleasure to meet for the first time that evening after several long email conversations :) Their prison scene was snappy, funny and powerful - I particularly liked it that Sascha held her lead in her mouth throughout her caning, which muffled her count somewhat but in a very sexy way. And Mr. C and I somehow came third! The competition was extremely fierce and I for one thought the brilliantly stylish Lady Penelope and Parker (complete with cigarette holder, pink cane and terribly resigned "yes, m'lady"s) deserved to have been placed. The standard was very high all round and it was a delight to take part :)

Of course when he realised we'd won three very shiny new canes by Chopper, Mr. C insisted on breaking them in that very evening. He and Henry Higgins teamed up to give myself and the gorgeous Niki Flynn a tour of all the canes they'd purchased that evening, some of which were really nasty - HH had a couple of smoked dragon which had a particularly vicious bite. Niki and I both received 6 strokes from each of seven canes, followed by a 12-stroke double caning. I think I had five dozen cane strokes in total, including the 6 on stage, plus a few strokes I forgot to count - and another 24 the next morning!

All in all, it was a rather memorable evening. I'm not sure which I found more difficult, being caned, or watching Mr C cane Niki ... I can't deny, however, that being able to soothe her and kiss her hair as he did so was rather lovely. And my own strokes were made much more bearable when she returned the favour. :)


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