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Nice to hear

Posted at 10:16 on 5 Sep 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Performers and producers

Wow - more votes of confidence from the extremely gracious Mr. Stern of English Spankers. Not only has he written a lovely blog entry about me (including a picture from the paddling shoot I did with him which I haven't seen yet - I'm fairly quivering with anticipation to see the rest of that set), he's also put up a review on my profile in the Spanking Models UK site.

I'm not sure if the latter will stay on the page, so I'll reproduce it here:

"It's always good when our spanking models have brains as well as beauty, and when they really enjoy getting a good spanking and when they put their all into making the spanking session a great success. I had all the things I wanted from my shooting session with Pandora, a great girl who can take a real spanking, who needs a good spanking and will be getting another from yours truly very soon. Comes with the highest recommendation from Mr. Stern and the wicked headmaster from Sound Punishment."

I'll admit to grinning my little head off when I read that. Clearly I shouldn't be so well-behaved next time :) Although I suppose if I keep getting compliments like that, I'll be in danger of becoming insufferably smug and will need to be taken down a peg or two...

With a good spanking, obviously.


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