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Originality: it's not that hard

Posted at 15:55 on 17 Sep 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: making a scene, Performers and producers, those crazy kinksters

I'm well aware that practically every scenario that can be done pretty much has been in the spanking industry. For this reason my own (admittedly amibitious) commercial projects focus far more on texture and context than the scenarios themselves; creativity is much easier if you're creating a complete plot and real characters rather than a straightforward set piece.

I don't particularly object that the commercial sites tend to follow the same template in terms of design - accessibility and navigability are the main aims, and as long as it's readable and relatively easy on the eyes I don't mind much if it's not the most stylish and elegant layout ever seen. Some sites do crowd their front pages more than I personally prefer, and one rapidly tires of animated graphics shouting keywords and exclamation marks, but I'm there to look at spanking porn, not to assess their originality of design. My own site does deliberately deviate from the mould and I've had a lot of compliments about it, but it has the luxury of being a personal portfolio rather than a regularly updated commercial site with a members area. If I was creating the latter I can't guarantee that I wouldn't follow the established trend simply for efficiency's sake.

There is a limit, however. I was perusing my tracker statistics, as I do of a weekend (no, I'm not that bored: just taking a well-deserved break in a bout of spring late-summer-cleaning) and discovered the latest ad on spankme.uk. There's no name given other than "spankee", but the text is copied and pasted wholesale from my own advert and that of Natasha Louise, an associate of mine. I know that one commercial spanking model ad looks much like another, and I'm not particularly bothered, but if you're not even capable of editing someone else's text slightly, let alone composing your own, it doesn't bode well for being imaginative and innovative on camera, does it? I've sent her an email suggesting she might want to change it, but I'm not really expecting a response. This is the internet, after all: plagiarism and piracy appear to be par for the course.


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