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Teaser: Bad little girl

Posted at 10:35 on 28 Sep 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: learning curves, Performers and producers, Photos, shoot writeups, Sites and studios

These are from one of the sets Mr. C and I have been producing lately, a couple of which were included with my interview at The Spanking Spot. It was my first real foray into age play, either as a model or in private. (Not counting schoolgirl scenarios, of course.) In the past, I've not really been into 'daddy' or 'wicked uncle' scenarios - in fact, I haven't been into domestic roleplay at all. I've tended to like my domestic spankings to be real, between me and my partner rather than in character. And my roleplay to be sophisticated and well-developed, preferably involving formal discipline scenarios, ideally in period costume.

So I hadn't done the naughty little girl thing before. In real life I'm a well-behaved submissive. I'm devoted, eager to please, and willing to work hard. One of the reasons I love modelling is getting to brat a bit, which I would never seriously do in private, not if it wasn't clearly a game. I've discovered I like being stroppy, particularly in a tantrumy, frightened, on the verge of tears, stampy-little-foot way.

I've also discovered that I do not have any latent ability to look younger than 16 in the way that some models (such as Sophie of Girls Boarding School and Spanked Cutie, for instance) seem to manage so effortlessly. I have the natural advantage of being relatively young as spanking models go, and I can easily be mistaken for anything between 18 and 25, but even with pigtails, clever makeup and stripy socks I struggle to look like convincing jailbait.

On the other hand, mmmmm switches.


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