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Week of erotic spanking

Posted at 07:56 on 22 Sep 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: books, dominance and submission, Fantasies, kink

I'm working on a painting commission at the moment, so I haven't had any shoots this week. Much as I love modelling, it's been nice to have the break, to work from home for a whole week and have time to tidy and do my laundry and cook nice meals. And be spanked, naturally.

At the beginning of the week D. asked to see the new schoolgirl uniforms which a very generous photographer recently bought me for a shoot (from this place), including lots of over-the-knee socks, gym knickers, and implausibly short tartan skirts. I also recently bought these shiny black shoes to replace my old scuffed mary janes, but they haven't arrived yet. I really need to get some more realistic uniform at some point, but in the meantime putting on an 8" long pleated miniskirt over thick white knickers just makes me giggle. Clearly skirts that don't even cover your bum are exactly what schoolgirls used to wear, okay? (Although thinking about it, when I was at school some of the girls really did roll their skirts nearly that short. There are a load of leggy thirteen year old girls who go to school in my area, and who adjust their uniforms to the extent that when I'm walking behind them it's extremely difficult not to think very inappropriate thoughts.)

So I dressed up, feeling giggly and shy and self-conscious while D. watched me get ready with that look on his face. I put my hair in bunches and then he bent me over and caned me, first over the knickers and then on the bare, lightly enough to be playful but hard enough to make me gasp. We didn't do a full roleplay scene, but just wearing the uniform while doing naughty things with him made me feel all sorts of delighted and wide-eyed and tingly, and I'm definitely going to try to talk him into doing some more elaborate character play at some point. Preferably involving wooden rulers.

I've also been seeing a lot of Thomas this week (we recently got together as a couple again - with D.'s approval, of course), and he has a new toy: a square wooden hairbrush. I've had a thing about hairbrushes ever since I read Enid Blyton's The Naughtiest Girl in the School when I was about 7, and there's that scene near the beginning when her dorm prefect threatens to spank her with a hairbrush if she doesn't tidy up. The idea of being put over the knee of a cross, slightly older girl and soundly spanked with a hairbrush just makes me melt, but we'd never found a brush that suited the purpose before.

This one is quite light, slightly bigger than your palm, and the wood is so beautifully silken that having my thighs and bottom stroked with it is possibly the most delicious sensation ever. I've spent a great deal of time over the last two days over Thomas' knee with my bottom in the air and his leg pinning my thighs down to stop me from escaping. He'll start with a hand spanking, gradually building me up until muffled squeaks start emitting from the pillows, and then reach for the brush and stroke it, oh-so-lightly, over my flushed and tingling flesh, before starting to smack me with it. The sting is cool and silky, and pleasant until he starts to vary the speed, because several rapid swats in succession always makes me lose control. And when I'm warmed up he holds me absolutely still and lays a series of measured spanks into my sore bottom, slowly, but each one harder than the previous until I'm sobbing into the pillow and begging him to stop.

I love the gentle intimacy of morning spankings. And the exciting, playful build-up of evening spankings. And I love firm, loving spankings during my afternoon tea-break, just so that he can enjoy the knowledge that when I sit back at my easel my bottom is all pink and tender under my jeans.


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