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After the punishment

Posted at 12:40 on 10 Jan 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, Girls Boarding School, Photos, Spanking and bondage porn

These are the pictures from GBS that got me pounced on and viciously, unfairly caned on our return home on Monday. It was this one in particular that pressed both of our buttons: the image of the chastised schoolgirl sent back up to her room after her punishment, her sore bottom humiliatingly exposed, hiding her face in shame.

I'm not sure exactly what it is about this image that gets me so excited. Somehow an image of a girl walking back upstairs is far hotter for me than other "aftermath" pictures, such as standing in the corner, or (Tom's favourite) standing with cane held between reddened cheeks. I think it's the implied normality that turns me on so much. Girl is summoned down from her room to be punished; punishment is inflicted; girl returns upstairs to continue whatever she was doing before her summons, but in a much quietened state of mind.

Perhaps for a particularly shocking misdemeanor, a schoolgirl might be sentenced to repeated canings - 12 strokes every morning for a week, maybe. She would be obliged to report to the Headmaster every day before classes. She wouldn't have been able to eat much breakfast for nervousness; she would be shivering, not quite awake. She would be very aware of the tender bruising on her bottom from the previous days' punishments. The strokes would be hard, brisk, applied without ceremony and far more shocking in her vulnerable just-woken state. Afterwards she would troop upstairs trying desperately to hide her tears, return the cane to its rack, straighten her uniform and hastily get ready for classes. She would need to start thinking about her studies, try to put the pain and shame of the morning's discipline out of her mind.

Until the next day.



Dear Pandora,

You may be interested to know that since we met the other day I have been looking at some of your very early blog-posts again - and very very exciting they are too! I really am not surprised that I was so taken with you, all those years ago!

I was pleased to find that (not all but) many of the links are still live - which is not bad after so long!

These photos are incredibly exciting - it is good to feel that I had my revenge for the very painful time you gave me this week in advance - even if it was someone else who took it!

I'm not quite sure whether or not you are automatically alerted to my having posted a comment when the original message is this old - so it might be helpful if you gave me a reply so I know whether it's worth commenting on here!

Congratulations on the Backlash campaign, and I look forward to seeing you again some time!


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