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Four poster beds (and one spanked bottom)

Posted at 15:20 on 19 Jan 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: English Spankers, learning curves, Photos, shoot writeups, Spanking and bondage porn

My first shoot of the new year was with English Spankers, who had booked a gorgeous olde worlde cottage in the middle of the wild North. The beautiful, bleak isolation of the countryside it overlooked was illustrated dramatically by gale force winds that blasted the walls of the house all day and disrupted the microphones. (Wuthering Heights porn might sound wonderful in theory, but it would clearly be somewhat harder to make in practice.)

Nonetheless, I was spanked in complete style - dressed in my most glam goth lingerie (the scenario was a school one, so it must have been a particularly posh private finishing school for very fashionable young ladies!) in a room with aged oak furniture, brocade coverlets, ornate mirrors and an enormous solid four-poster bed. Disappointingly, I wasn't tied to it: nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed holding onto the top rail, spread-eagled, to be paddled standing up, and being bent over a huge heap of pillows in the middle of that gorgeous bed to be caned. It was a particularly unpleasant caning as well. Mmm. I'm getting all goose-pimply just thinking about it.

The biggest surprise of the shoot for me was how little I marked. At the start of the day Peter mentioned that he'd barely marked me at all on my first shoot with them. "What?" I cried, "you bruised me for weeks! I still had paddle bruises went I went to Mallorca to shoot with Girls Boarding School!" (This is true: you can see them, albeit faded, under the cane marks in this photo.)

At the end of the shoot Peter appraised me with an expert eye, declaring "See? We've barely marked you!"

I disagreed violently, inviting them both to consider such evidence as the solid knots that had formed under the heavy, over-lapping cane strokes, and my inability to sit down without wincing. "There's definitely bruising there," I told them. "I'll email you a picture in a week and you'll see."

That was a week ago. And they were right, you know. I didn't bruise. I think I've begun to enter that stage which full-time or long-term spanking models, submissives or spankees who do 1-2-1 sessions all enter after a while: I've toughened up to bruising. I'll still mark up during a punishment - you'll get just as much redness, just as many welts - but they'll fade the next day, rather than hanging around in my muscles for as long as they used to.

It's certainly more convenient, and as long as I'm careful not to damage myself permanently by letting weak spots develop, goes some way towards solving the problem of bruising. But I actually think I'll miss my bruises. There was a tremendous exhiliration and innocence to carrying the marks of a spanking around with me for weeks. I'm certainly not jaded yet, and it's a shame to think my bottom might be becoming so.

(No, I don't think harder punishments are the answer. Or heavy wooden paddles. Don't be silly :P)

Many thanks to Spankers Blog for the preview images :)


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