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Shakespearean Spankings

Posted at 13:58 on 5 Jan 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: acting, corrupting the innocent, dominance and submission, Fantasies, Spanking and bondage porn

Mr C and I are going away until Monday, and we'll be spending more time in character this weekend than out of it. Lots of different characters each, in fact, in a huge number of different stories and scenarios. I'm taking a suitcase full of outfits, including a variety of boy's clothes and a slavegirl costume.

No, it's not an extended spanking roleplay weekend: we're going on the marathon acting event we participate in every year. Unfortunately, given the early starts, late nights and the fact that we're sharing a room with a girl we haven't met before, there is unlikely to be much opportunity for spanking. Unless the girl proves to be corruptible, of course ;)

Given that we are historically able to find the kinky subtext in almost anything, however, the plays themselves should provide enough entertainment. Last year we did a D/s reading of The Taming of the Shrew which went down very well: Kate's change in attitude over the course of the play makes much more sense if you read her as a young, confused, intelligent woman who yearns to be dominated by someone she can actually look up to and admire. Thomas made a dashing, arrogant, powerful Petruchio, wielding a riding crop and dropping innuendos at every opportunity. I played Kate as changing from a stroppy teenager to an earnest young submissive who wants her husband to be proud of her, and I found far more sexual undertones in her lines than I'd ever expected. I always knew Shakespeare was a kinky bastard.

Ever since then I've wanted to make a Kate/Petruchio spanking video - you'd barely need to change their lines at all for it to make sense.

We don't have any plans for kinky subtext in any of this year's plays, but I wouldn't be surprised if something reveals itself as we go along. Perhaps we could make a whole series of Shakespearean spanking films?


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