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Knowing looks

Posted at 18:22 on 19 Feb 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: making a scene, other pictures, Performers and producers

I recently saw this picture of Amy Hunter on The Spanking Spot. It took my breath away. Exceptionally cute, bright model whose work I admire: check. Caning: check. Outdoor location: check. Fishnet holdups and military jacket: check. :)

I love seeing cute goth/biker/alternative chicks in spanking porn, but it's fairly unusual. In terms of the music I listen to and the clothes I wear, I guess the best term for me is 'bohemian', but I'm frequently found in the company of filthy goffics, hippies, ravers, bikers, metallers, geeks and other eccentrics. It might sound odd to some of you, but this kind of outfit, for me, lends a strong feeling of realism to a scene.

But the main thing that makes this picture so hot is Amy's expression. The pause before the stroke, where she invites the viewer into the experience with a knowing look that seems to say: "You see what's about to happen, right? Yeah, and I'll let him think it's a punishment. But secretly? I love it. And so do you."

Interestingly, when I showed this photo to Mr C he didn't share my opinion. As a dom, for him the deliberate fourth-wall conceit of her expression ruins the image. He wants to see girls immersed in the scene: reacting, in pain, not mugging for the camera in a way that completely ruins the illusion of non-consent. And normally, I react the same way to looking-into-the-camera shots. But this one somehow works.

As a bisexual submissive, when I look at this picture I see a knowing, independent, extraordinarily cute girl with a strong sense of humour. She's explicitly consenting, and looking at the viewer (i.e. me) in a way that almost puts her in control. There's something about the look in her eyes that seems, almost smugly, to say: "You want this, bitch. You totally wish you were me right now. And more to the point, you want me."

Which just guh. Yes. That will absolutely do it for me, thankyou.

It seems to be a shot designed for the sub girls out there, rather than the male doms. (Which is one of the things I love about Northern Spanking: how many sites cater so explicitly to their female audience?) And if my reaction is anything to go by, they got it exactly right. Mmm. Yes. Yes, Amy, I do :)


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