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Outdoor canings

Posted at 23:03 on 13 Feb 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, Girls Boarding School, Photos

This photoset went up on Girls Boarding School last week. It made me long for summer. These images were taken after a punishment; I've never actually been caned - or even spanked - outdoors, despite it being one of my biggest fantasies. Partly it's an exhibitionist thing, the risk of being caught (and I've done all sorts of other rude things outdoors), but mainly it's that if I'm honest, I'm a bit of a filthy hippy, and getting close to nature in that way just gets me hot.

I'm a big fan of the 'spanking al fresco' pictures over at English Vice, where they manage to get away with spanking play at some absolutely amazing sites. I've got quite a few places on my own list. Castles (even if we aren't doing full historical roleplay, I totally have a medieval fetish), woods (where better place to cut switches?) and wildernesses, moors and mountains.

But to be honest, February probably isn't the best time to start.


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