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Returning to spanking

Posted at 02:10 on 21 Mar 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: English Spankers, Photos, shoot writeups, Sites and studios

For those of you who are bored with all this talk of bondage and want to get back to the spanking, let me point you at the next in the series of English Spankers updates. (This film actually went online last week, but since I was unwell I didn't get the chance to write about it.) Click on the thumbnail for a free movie clip :)

In this film my character's punishment progresses onto the second stage: the paddle. I strip to only my underwear, and then the Headmaster bids me remove my panties, leaving only my corset, stockings and heels (this lovely stroky pair of velvet stockings are one of my favourites, but unfortunately they don't offer much protection against a paddle). First I have to hold on to the upper beam of the four poster bed to be spanked with the leather paddle: then, for the second and more severe half of the punishment, I kneel on the bed and bend right over.

The two positions provided me with a bit of a dilemma - the second was more comfortable, but it also made me much more exposed. Any of you who have memberships to English Spankers, let me know which you prefer :)


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