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Stockings and mirrors

Posted at 13:12 on 9 Mar 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: English Spankers, Photos, Sites and studios

The latest update at English Spankers is the first of a series of dreamlike movies in which a young lady at an elegant boarding school (that is, me!) is sentenced to a severe three-part punishment. (Click on the image to see a preview clip.)

The stills have been online all week, but the first 15-minute movie, "This is going to hurt", is now up. There's a sensual sequence at the beginning in which I lie in bed contemplating what awaits me, and prepare myself with a mixture of nervousness and curious excitement. Rather like real life really :) I imagine that the voyeurs among you will enjoy watching me brushing my hair and getting dressed - I hope so, anyway! It's odd how exposed I felt doing that on camera, when I have no qualms at all about baring my bottom and being spanked.

Althouh speaking of being exposed, for the second part of the spanking I had to kneel facing myself in the mirrow, and as the Headmaster dealt an extended series of very hard, fast spanks to my sore bottom my every reaction was reflected back at me. I don't mind telling you, I didn't like that at all.

These films contain little plot and dialogue, focussing instead on the evocative environment with its rich colours and antique furnishings; the ritualistic inevitability of the discipline; the turmoil and helplessness of my character and the heady mixture of pain and pleasure she experiences, as she invites the viewer to share and witness her suffering.


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