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Posted at 11:10 on 30 Apr 2007 by Pandora / Blake

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I sometimes get emails telling me I look exactly like a mainstream actress, and asking me whether we're actually the same person. I may keep the kinkier parts of my career separate from my other professional personae, but I promise I'm not a famous TV actress leading a secret double life :)

These 'lookalikes' always make me blink a bit. Not least because I've rarely heard of them (I'm not great on popular culture). One person told me I was the spitting image of Kelly Brown. I confess I can't see the resemblance. Someone else has asked if I'm actually Susannah Wise. (I'm not, but I wouldn't say no to having her acting career.) Usually these 'doubles' are considerably older than me, American or both.

However, this morning I stumbled across this photo:

It's uncanny. I had to stop and check that no, I've never had blonde highlights, and as far as I know I haven't yet worked for that site. She's not my identical twin, but at least as far as I can tell from this photo, she definitely looks like we could be related.

I can't help wondering whether I have a long-lost cousin who has coincidentally also become a spanking model ... now there's evidence for those who believe that our kink is genetic :)

But who is she? I can't place her on Spanking Server's model page. Can any of you help me out? If nothing else, I want to find out if she'd be interested in making a spanking film about two sisters...


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