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drawings of spankees

Posted at 12:49 on 16 May 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, other pictures, Vintage

Contrary to expectation, it's actually quite rare that spanking photos turn me on. BDSM/bondage pictures more so, but for spanking, I usually need some sort of emotional or narrative context - a video clip with plot, or some text alongside the picture adding extra piquancy to the situation. I frequently appreciate the artistic/erotic merits of spanking photographs on a professional level, but it's one in a hundred that gives me that jolt of arousal.

Drawings, on the other hand, tend to hit the spot much more frequently (as it were). Check out these 'Wicked Wanda' panels posted by Richard Windsor:

The reason why is clearest in the first two: it's the posture of the spankees. There's something about that delightfully graceful helplessness, pert and limp and quivering, which presses all my buttons. The delicately lifted buttocks, the pointed toes and the dangling wrists.

The head-under-desk position in the third image, and proud, sexy poise of the girls who love to be whipped in the fourth, appeal in the same sort of way. (Even without going into all the other fetishes they incorporate. Spanking machines and military inspections: mmmm.)

I don't know if these postures are unrealistic or not. Can the female form actually assume this kind of position? Can a girl's bottom, however nicely rounded, be raised quite so invitingly, or will she break her spine if she tries? I guess the only way to find out is to try to recreate them and see :)


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