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Posted at 18:58 on 22 Jun 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, Cane for Life, Chimera Bondage, Control and Reform, Fantasies, Northern Spanking

First off, I'm sorry to keep you all waiting for updates on the Cane for Life. Rest assured I haven't forgotten about it; it was originally scheduled to take place on the 9th, at the end of my shoot with Northern Spanking, to take advantage of their superior camera technology. Unfortunately we ran out of time that day, and since I was away at a festival last weekend, this coming Sunday is the next chance we'll have.

I'm a little nervous about this, as it'll mean receiving my strokes on top of the damage from the interrogation shoot we have planned with new site Control and Reform on Saturday. I'm not sure how severe the punishment in this shoot will be, but Mr C and I have come up with an intense psychological torture plot for the film, and I was hoping to have my limits pushed on the day. Perhaps I'm being over-ambitious, but it should be interesting. Thanks for your patience, anyway, and hopefully I won't keep you waiting much longer :)

While I'm on the subject of forthcoming shoots, take a look at this video clip:

This spanking machine is a new invention from the master of gadgets who runs Chimera Bondage. We were exchanging emails about my doing a self-bondage/CP shoot for the site, and when he found out that spanking machines were a major fantasy of mine, he went away and made this one for me.¹ How amazing is that?

I am so turned on by this prospect that I can't quite believe it. I keep re-watching the clip and imagining myself, bent over a trestle, cuffed at the ankles and wrists, mouth gagged and nipples clamped, on the receiving end of that paddle swing. And melting.

Of course, I'm also absolutely terrified. But therein lies the interest ... right?

[1] Well, for the site actually. I won't get to take it home with me after the shoot. More's the pity: my Lords have already started discussing the various merits of a spanking machine controllable remotely via an internet connection.


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