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28 strokes later

Posted at 18:59 on 14 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Cane for Life, D, Photos, Thomas Cameron, Videos

After all that, I hope this is worth the wait :)

Many thanks to my two intrepid tops/cameramen for all their hard work and moral support. And, of course, to the seven generous contributors who made this possible - Lofty, Bob76, Hamish31, Cee_Jay, Spike, Al and MarkF. Thanks, guys :) I hope you enjoy the clip.


Another awesome caning taken by the gorgeous Pandora. Lovely to see you in your top and knickers, and watch you pull your knickers down so willingly for a painful caning. I thought you took your caning so well - good girl! Your bottom looked so good both before and after (I just love to see a freshly reddened bare bottom). Thanks so much for posting this, I look forward to seeing many more of your canings.
John x

[...] definition is definitely an improvement on the miniDV we used last time – I’m really happy with the quality of this It’s a shame that the natural light [...]

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