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DVD releases

Posted at 10:28 on 24 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: DVD releases, Photos, Roue, Thomas Cameron

I recently saw the sleeve design for my first ever feature-length CP film :) Thomas Cameron and I filmed this last September with Roué Productions, and it's due for release soon in America. (Yes, I've emailled them to point out the typo.) Hopefully it'll become available in the UK as well, but I guess it's dependent on what happens with the new legislation.

Modelling is a slow-winded business in general - it's quite normal to wait months between shooting and seeing the final product online. Although of course it varies between sites - some shoot further in advance than others. It is strange, though, that of the five DVDs I've filmed this year, only one of them is available, and the other four will be in production for months yet. (There's a full filmography in my Spankingart Wiki article.) The four films awaiting release (including the Roue DVD shown above) are the work I'm proudest of in my career so far. The stories are very close to my heart, and I was involved in the writing of all of them. It's in full-length movies that I've been most able to explore the complex depths of my fantasies. I'm impatient to show them to the world :)


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