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Posted at 15:55 on 11 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Lupus Spanking, Performers and producers, poll

I've been avidly following the recent blog posts by Adele and Niki about their experience filming for Lupus. If you haven't been reading, it's fascinating stuff. (And hot, naturally - I was particularly taken by the leg restraints in this photo...)

I'm still undecided about whether I'm going to brave the wolves myself at some point. Niki just about had me persuaded, but recent relationship turmoil means I'm going to wait until things have resolved themselves, before embarking on that adventure.

Yesterday Adele wrote that her love for Lupus films was more despite the severity of the canings than because of it:

The harshness of the floggings, the marks and the screams tend to be too much for me; the occasional trickle of blood makes me cringe. The action scenes are supposed to be the focal point of any spanking video, and yet - unless Im writing a review of the film - I usually watch them on fast-forward.

Today, spankee blogger Michelle commented that she'd be much more inclined to bend over for a caning if she could fast-forward it. I imagine that quite a few spankees would agree with her - the most intense parts of a punishment are for many people (myself included) the anticipation and fear beforehand, and the sense of relief, catharsis and achievement afterwards, as well as having pretty marks to admire and to serve as a reminder.

But you know, if I was given the option, I don't think I'd take it. Maybe it's that I'm a masochist - I can enjoy pain sensations on a sexual level (although it depends entirely on context) and given a high enough dose, the endorphines can carry me into a trance state and make me fly. Or maybe it's that, for me, the afterglow is meaningless without having waited and struggled and sobbed through every painful moment of the punishment?

So tell me - am I alone in this? If you could fast-forward a caning, so that everything happened as normal and it hurt just as much, but the caning itself was over quicker, would you do it? Or would it just not be the same?


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