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Spanked by the machine

Posted at 12:59 on 25 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: bondage, Chimera Bondage, Photos, Videos

The webmaster of ChimeraBondage, knowing how intense I found my shoot with them, has sent me a couple of preview images of me being paddled by the spanking machine:

You can see more of me (and the machine) in this promo video:


Incredible hot movies - you and machine! Especially the third shot :) . Heavenly erotic and hot as hell ;) . Newer seen before so "hot and juicy" reaction .... You wrote , that was not so intensive as you thought and you was acting in most cases , but some reactions of body can not be acted .... I think you liked it very much. I have no doubt - most of viewers identify with you .... You are special and wish you lot of good movies and experiences ... :) Pandora - ILU! :)

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