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Posted at 08:39 on 10 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

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Chross has just launched a new gallery showcasing his personal and ever-growing collection of spanking art. It includes fine art CP photography, spanking scenes in mainstream comics, and his own photos and drawings. There's not much there yet, but the fine art photography is particularly well chosen. This was one of my favourites:

The only quibble I have with this gallery is the lack of attribution for the photos. I'd like to see the name of the photographer added in captions, ideally with links to their website or the series this photo was taken from. This photo is called "Esther and Finn 6" - but does that refer to the title of a story, the models, or something else? And who takes the credit for this delicious image?

That said, I'm sure Chross will develop his gallery as he works on it - as I understand, it's only been online for a couple of days. And it's convenient to be able to browse his favourite images all in one place, especially when he has such fine taste.


I have often thought of doing spanking art myself. I have always felt that I have something to contribute in the area.

thanks for mentioning it.

I don't have more information about the pictures, as I had just saved them on my drive when I found them. Now with the gallery et up there'll be more more information on the shots (if available) when I add them. My gallery script allows me to enter quite a bit of information for each pic.


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