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Posted at 16:51 on 4 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

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Hello, much-neglected blog! I've been terrible at posting lately, and I'm afraid I'm unlikely to get back to posting every day again for a while (although I'll try my hardest). Lots of other work stuff is going on at the minute - I juggle lots of different jobs, other than modelling, and they're all going haywire at once at the moment. There are some stressful deadlines that have me coding for twelve hours a day with no time to read blogs, let alone post. Then there's summer projects that need organising, and scary new opportunities that have me lying awake at night wondering about which direction I want my (non-spanking) career to go in. I'm afraid spanking hasn't been on my mind much of late, which is always a sad state of affairs :(

So if I owe you an email or a comment, it's not because I don't love you - I promise I'll find a day to sit down and catch up on my correspondence as soon as I can!

Being in a vanilla headspace for some reason means I'm not really in the mood to post pictures of me. I'm not sure why. Happily, there are lots of beautiful people I can post pictures in the meantime. For instance, have any of you managed to miss Kami Robertson, the stunningly cute new model on Northern Spanking and English Spankers?

She's young, genuinely kinky, and seems to be a complete sweetheart - I defy anyone who's read her interview with The Spanking Spot to not be utterly charmed by her :) I am, I have to confess, harbouring a teensy weensy crush. Don't tell her or anything.


I think Brustrokes has been (not so) secretly in love with Kami from Day One... and who wouldn't be! :D

Thank you for that link to the interview its always great to get to know models better and know something about there personality. I have decided to join the Amelia Rutherford fan club when I realise that I have infact met her and had a conversation with her! Silly me how could I have not remembered that?

Guess what: I've *met* her. And she's *even cuter* in person. So there :)

Smallhanded - yes, I remember showing her photos to Mr C when the first Northern Spanking shoot came online. I was looking for that photoset before writing this post but I couldn't find it ... I remember she was wearing a very short tartan skirt, though! And I recently showed the English Spankers pics to D. All three of us are fans :)

Jake - oh, absolutely. Not that I'm not capable of being superficial with the best of them ;) Just that it's a different kind of attraction when you have a glimpse of a model's personality than when it's only a visual attraction.

Adele - you do know I hate you, right? :P

Kami is a sweetie, and very cute indeed. I personally find her vulnerability very attractive. I always want to wallop girls who look vulnerable. I must be evil :-)

You picked nice pics anyway Pandora, but you have a membership to the site so you can get in and raid anything you like. The set you wanted is called "Introducing Kami". Quickest way to find it is sign in, go to The Girl page and click on Kami profile and then you can select to view all her material from there.

Had an adorably cute film of you being a fabulously convincing innocent teen recently :-) Hope you saw it as it was truly adorable performance. I wanted to eat you all up myself!

I've got to do more than just meet her.



Lucy - I think I emailled you a few months ago saying I'd lost my membership codes, which is why I had to use pics reposted elsewhere! I'll email you now and hopefully get to see those pics of Kami and all the new stuff I haven't seen :)

Amy - I hate you as well, very very much. Hey, since my bum's just landed you free membership to a spanking site, you owe me, right? So you can tell me all juicy details? Right? :)

Hmm. Didn't get that first email, and not got a second from you either. Very very odd. Not sure if the email address I have for you is current, but will try emailing you instead. You HAVE to see your film after all, it's so utterly adorable!

What a lovely arse to cane and great to know she would enjoy it too

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