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Blogiversary - redux

Posted at 16:09 on 17 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, blogiversary, cane, kink, Northern Spanking

I've been supremely busy lately, with the move and everything else, which is why it's taken me a while to finalise the plan for my blogiversary. It's been tough to choose between the various options you came up with, but in the end I've settled on an idea suggested by Prefectdt in email.

He proposed that I offer to take one stroke (of the cane probably, although I'm open to persuasion if you'd prefer something else) per signup to Northern Spanking, as a way of showing support for Paul and Lucy after the hassle they've had this year. The idea is that anyone who wants to contribute to my blogiversary spanking should sign up to the site, and leave a comment with their NSI username which can then be verified by Paul.

I absolutely adore this idea - it's lovely to have the chance to support such fantastic people, and my favourite thing about blogging is the community aspect, so incorporating that into my anniversary celebration seems very appropriate. I wanted to check that Lucy and Paul were okay with this before I went ahead with it, hence the delay - but they seem to like the idea, hooray!

So! The rules are:

- To contribute a stroke to my blogiversary caning, please join Northern Spanking and leave a comment on this entry with the username of your account. (Not the password!)
- If you're already a member of Northern Spanking and would like to get involved, please leave a comment on this entry with your username. Existing signups will still contribute a stroke, but probably with a different implement.
- If you'd like to vote on which implements are used for each set, please let me know your preference in the comments. I'm currently thinking the cane for comments from new signups, and the tawse or strap for comments from existing members, but I'm open to other suggestions.
- If you've already done the above and still have the urge to hurt me (and help Paul and Lucy) then repost the link to this entry and spread the word :)

If you decide to play, you'll get to spend hours browsing the massive archives at join Northern Spanking, happy in the knowledge that you've helped support two of the loveliest members of the scene, and me get the thrashing I need so badly. I mean, what more could you ask?

The final numbers will be counted at midnight, August 24th 2008, which gives you just over a week to make your mark. (As it were.) The punishment will be delivered and a free video clip of it uploaded to the blog in the following week.

Is this a good idea? Have I left it too late? I guess we'll find out...


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