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big and beautiful

Posted at 11:47 on 15 Jan 2008 by Pandora / Blake

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Amy Hunter is posting some fantastic previews of Spanking BBW over on her blog at the moment.

As you probably know by now, I'm a fan of curves and have learned to love my pear-shaped body. This is the shape I am when I'm healthy, exercising, and eating well, and I have no desire to seek a thinness that would be unnatural to me through starving myself. I don't think bigger is necessarily better, but there is beauty to be found in all shapes and sizes. Beauty isn't just about form, it's about grace, poise and the way someone moves. It's in someone's eyes and their voice and the quality of their skin. Seeing a beautiful naked body that is completely unself-conscious and comfortable with itself is one of the greatest delights in this world. I love gloriously curvaceous women with rippling thighs and firm globes everywhere you look, and I love slender, willowy waifs with small breasts and smooth hollows beneath their hipbones, and I love sleek, muscular women with strong shoulders and rounded biceps, and I love pillowy breasts and dimples and softly rounded bellies. And that's before I even start talking about men!

I'd love to see more variety in the body shape of models in erotic photography. At the moment skinny is the norm and any deviation from this is considered to be either substandard or special interest. One of the things I love about spanking porn is its greater willingness to see the beautiful in bottoms of all shapes and sizes. The compliments I've received from people on shoots and through this blog on my own curvy frame and plump behind has done wonders for my self-confidence, giving me a frank and relaxed appreciation of and affection for my idiosyncrasies. I'm grateful for that, and I really hope that all the kinky girls who aren't as skinny as the magazines want us to believe we should be find the same comfort in their skin.

Spanking BBW is an amazing venture in this respect, and it deserves the wholehearted support of everyone who wants to help deconstruct oppressive patriarchal standards for male and female beauty - and for our sexualities. Even if big and beautiful isn't your preferred taste, please take the time to express your support for Lucy McLean and her wonderful models, perhaps leaving a comment here for me to pass on, or on Amy's blog. And if round and spankable is your cup of tea, you might want to consider joining the member's area of Spanking BBW.

I can't stress enough how important I think it is that the artificial construct of what is considered beautiful or acceptable be exploded, broken down. Every woman with an exhibitionist streak has the right to get thrills from showing herself off for the pleasure of others. Every kinky girl has the right to see girls like her portrayed in erotic pictures, not just the thin ones. There is so much scope and variation to beauty it seems backwards and ridiculous to limit ourselves arbitrarily to one sort of beauty or another.


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