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Posted at 15:10 on 19 Jan 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, other pictures, Spanking and bondage porn

I found this photo today on Flickr's "100 best photographers" group:

(by Paul Pennell)

I daresay the image wasn't composed with CP in mind, but damn, isn't that the most perfect posture for a caning? I'd be tempted to recreate the shot with added welts for the benefit of perverts like you and me, but I have neither the correct silhouette nor the poise to create the right visual impact (no pun intended!).

I bet a model who had dancing experience could pull it off, though. I'd love to see a caning photoset featuring, say, Amelia Jane Rutherford or Niki Flynn, shot in a similar moody style. I can just imagine it ... the way the hand lightly resting on the door frame would clench and grip the wood as the strokes bit ...


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