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Storm trooper spanking

Posted at 13:00 on 4 Jan 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, funny, Spanking and bondage porn, those crazy kinksters

How's this for the ultimate combination of geek love and kink?

(from this collection of Star Wars tattoo art.)

I have to say, if this image had been designed by me, it would have far more probably featured Han and Leia. But the idea of being punished by a storm trooper has a sort of institutional appeal. I can't imagine a trooper spanking anyone over his knee (although it would be interesting to find out what those gloves feel like), but some sort of military strapping wouldn't be out of character. They'd probably use something more futuristic than leather, though. Maybe a stainless steel or lexan cane, or an aluminium paddle would fit the scene better?


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