shake it like a polaroid picture

A photographer called Owen Gruyffed contacted me recently asking if I was interested in a shoot in the style of Jeanloup Sieff. Who? I asked, not recognising the name even though I’d posted one of his works only recently. Owen took pity on my ignorance, and sent me the link to Sieff’s website. I was instantly converted.

The “nude” section of the site gallery is an instant testimony to the fact that as well as being one of photography’s great talents, Sieff was clearly a bottom man. His official portfolio is a small selection, but a quick search on google images reveals a broader selection of his glorious nude photography. I was hooked, and instantly downloaded all my favourite images to show you all. Except I liked so many that I can’t decide which ones to post. This photo of the perfect pose for receiving the belt? This poignant shot of a lady lost in thought – or, perhaps, a subdued naughty girl? This dreamlike image of a woman walking up lonely stairs, where who knows what fate awaits her? Frankly, I’m spoiled for choice.

Anyway, I said to Owen that that sounded like fun, and we met up in town on Thursday night, after my second day at my new job. Note to self: modelling after work is exhausting but rewarding, with much the same effect as an evening yoga class after a day at a desk.

It was a great shoot, and I loved the preview images Owen showed me as we went. We started with an attempt to recapture the pose in the French postcard I’d posted. Before starting each set, he took a single polaroid, to establish the effect of composition and lighting. It’s not a technique I’ve seen before in these days of digital image viewers, and I liked the results very much. There’s something so ephemeral and evocative about a polaroid, even ones of poor quality, and these were anything but. After I oohed and aahed over them, Owen was kind enough to give me the first one. I love it so much I got him to sign it. What do you think?

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6 Responses to “shake it like a polaroid picture”

  1. Spanky says:

    Wow, that’s a great photo!

    Thanks for the link to Sieff’s site, it’s a real find!

  2. OliviaManners says:

    I love the dance of the light and shadows and the way this sculpts your back and bottom just perfectly.



  3. The Headmaster says:

    Rather reminds me of the lighting in my study.

  4. Roland Hulme says:

    Oh my GOODNESS. That’s STUNNING.

  5. Zugzwang says:

    Pandora, there’s something magical about you…

  6. Pandora says:

    Thanks so much for all your kind comments! Credit goes very much to the photographer in this case… This was the first image of the shoot, so I was totally not warmed up yet and my posture is a bit off! But I’m pretty happy with the shape I’m in right now, and I love the lighting in this so much! I’m glad you all agree :)

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