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underneath my suit

Posted at 15:28 on 7 Oct 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies

Last week I went to a job interview in the City. It was cold, and I couldn't find any tights, so I ended up putting my thickest pair of opaque black stockings on under my smart office skirt, simply to keep me warm. These stockings, as it happens, aren't hold-ups, and so I had the delightful experience of walking through one of London's richest districts knowing that I was wearing stockings and suspenders underneath my suit. However prosaic my reasons for wearing them, there's something delightfully kinky about this.

My secondary school didn't have a uniform for sixth form - instead, we had a "professional" dresscode. The older I get, the more sensible I realise this was - several of items of my office wardrobe were bought while I was in sixth form, and it gave us two years to work out the boundaries of what was acceptable dress for most workplaces. And yes, I was one of the students who had letters sent home complaining about my clothing choices. I had a habit of wearing studded collars and too much eyeliner along with my respectable suit. What can I say, I was a sixteen-year-old baby goth.

Once it became clear that gothic jewellery and makeup was out, I started pushing the boundaries in subtler ways. On more than one occasion I wore a corset under my shirt and suit, and the secret knowledge that I was wearing something restrictive, glamorous, seductive which no-one else could see made boring lessons a lot more interesting. Plus, the line of a suit becomes killer if your waist is taken in.

Anyway, I've just found out I've got the part-time job I interviewed for last week. I'm glad - it seems interesting, busy and is well-paid enough to hopefully see me through the credit crunch. I'll still be freelancing two days a week, and I'll try to keep the blog updated, although I won't be able to access it from work so there'll probably be some changes in my posting schedule.

I'm a little nervous about being smart enough for the City - I've never worked anywhere this well-dressed before. But I'm looking forward to spicing up the corporate dresscode by wearing kinky lingerie underneath, knowing that my colleagues have no idea. I'll know, and so will my boys. And so will you.

I start next week, and I was about to call up one of my Doms to ask if they wanted to see me the night before, and give me some marks to wear underneath my suit on my first day. But I've just realised I'm meeting up with the lovely Adele Haze the evening before I start work. So I guess going into work marked will have to wait until another day. I don't think it would be fair to ask Ms Haze to do the honours unless I was prepared to return the favour, and I'm a very reluctant top when I'm not on camera ...


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