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bowing her head

Posted at 12:46 on 21 Feb 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: dominance and submission, Fantasies, other pictures, Sites and studios, Spanking art

I've got a scary painting deadline to meet by the end of this week. It's my own fault - I've known about the deadline for a couple of months, but it's easy when there's so much else going on in my life to leave things to the last minute. I'm probably going to be up all night getting this finished in time, which means I won't be able to spend the night with Tom as we'd previously planned. Damn. I'd suggest that he punishes me, but my procrastination when it comes to painting is so deeply entrenched I'm honestly not sure spanking would help with it. :(

Of course, this morning, rather than getting on with my work like a good girl (or, indeed, a sensible adult who doesn't want to disappoint paying clients) I've been browsing EndArt. I only discovered this spanking art website half an hour ago and I could spend all day exploring it. I'll resist today, and just add it to my bookmarks until I've got this painting finished. But before I return to my easel, I wanted to post the link for any of you that haven't seen it already.

The 'schoolroom' section is, unsurprisingly, my favourite. I love the stylish girl brimming with poise and personality in Corduroy Burns. Two more of my favourites are Unwilling to Confess and The Tutor's Report Card, where the wretched body language of the blonde girls speaks volumes about their hopelessness and submission. Spanking photos always have the models holding their heads unnaturally high to let their facial expressions be visible. It's one of the hardest things I've had to learn to do on film shoots, as my natural response to real pain is to bow my head and hide my face in my hair. I can understand why facial expressions are important for the viewer, but I find these pics of girls hanging their heads really emotive.

Similar body language is featured in this picture, which I just emailled to Tom with the comment that it made me think of him:

The title of the piece, "More Than a Lapdance", might suggest that the girl's attitude is a raunchy one, and she's in for a surprise when she encounters that hairbrush. But that's not how I read this picture at all. To me, her posture seems vulnerable and submissive. She's sexy, but she's also absolutely his.

Well, that's my interpretation. I may possibly be biased :)


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