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Writing in Shadows

Posted at 21:27 on 26 Feb 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: F-M, Short stories, Spanking and bondage porn

Just a quick one tonight - I'm completely wiped out by an evil cold, and am hiding under my duvet desperately hoping I'll feel better in time for my shoot on Friday.

I made a new friend in the pub last weekend - a fabulous lady called Jacqueline who writes erotic fiction for a living. We had a long chat about the erotica industry, the role of kink in mainstream erotica and bi visibility. She has a website - Writing in Shadows - which is well worth taking a look at. I particularly enjoyed this F/m spanking story about a rather unconventional librarian:

Three Simple Rules

I pulled the now-whimpering man to my side office, but I didn't close the door I didn't want to leave my readers alone for too long, and besides, I wanted everyone to see what happened, when they disobeyed the three simple rules in my library.

As soon as I crossed the threshold, my hands tugged at his expensive leather belt, using the momentum to draw him into the room. His smart blue pinstriped trousers came down in smooth folds fine quality wool and silk will do that for you. His boxer shorts were blue too, with little paisley swirls dotted all over. He smelled of old-fashioned cologne, and cherry sweets guilty sod.

"Up against the desk mate."

"Believe me miss, but I wasnt doing

Ooh, he spoke like a merchant banker too. Nice. However, his voice was cut off by the first slap that landed on his skinny backside. The resounding crack made him shake, and he gripped the desk with white knuckles.

(more here)

Enjoy! I'm going back to bed. Sorry for the delay in replying to comments, I'll hopefully be back at my desk in the next day or two.


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