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shooting with Zoe Montana

Posted at 19:11 on 17 Mar 2008 by Pandora / Blake

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On Monday I'll have the privilege of being the first model to shoot for Zoe Montana's forthcoming website. The site's still in production stages, but it promises to be pretty cool. Zoe has ambitions of creating a site that's half porn and half documentary, spotlighting male, female and trans models, and many areas of fetish in addition to spanking and CP. All in the early stages at the moment so who knows where the concept will end up, but the initial ideas are certainly intriguing.

This first shoot is going to be CP-focussed, since that's where most of my experience lies, although I might well get involved with the greater scope of the site as it develops. Zoe and I have scene ideas coming out of our ears, far more than we can fit into one day! But tomorrow we're hoping to include at least some of the following:

  • sixth formers and prefects bullying, blackmailing and otherwise taking advantage of each other

  • a madame training up her most promising girl in a 19th century bawdyhouse so she can cater to the particular demands of "special clients"

  • 50s housewives having a secret, Sapphic affair to escape from the heavy-handed discipline of their husbands ... who discover an erotic side to spanking when it's not admistered as punishment

I can't wait!

Zoe and I are working together a fair bit at the moment, and I'm really enjoying the rapport that's developed between us. Here's a sneaky preview from our last shoot, for English Spankers:

(Thanks to Spanking News for the photo)


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