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The Fly on the Wall

Posted at 12:38 on 10 Mar 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Short stories

I loved this story posted by Richard Windsor on Friday. Any scenario that features male and female spankees being punished alongside each other is a rarity, and I'm always glad to see it. This is the second chapter in the story, and while I enjoyed Chapter 1 well enough, these scene is the one that really got my attention.

Richard strikes a perfect balance between the realistic, frightening atmosphere of the punishment and the sexual tension between the protagonists. Introducing eroticism into a spanking story frequently ruins the fantasy for me, but this is very nicely done. As a girl who likes watching other girls being punished, I found myself identifying by turns with both the male point of view and with the female object of his affections, which is a neat trick. As a result the story is surprisingly immersive, and very hot :)

"The Fly on the Wall" by Richard Windsor

Kyle had never been spanked in his life, he felt totally vulnerable as his bottom stuck high up in the air, and while he was not familiar with the position, it made him feel a lot younger than his 19 years. Mrs. Collins took a firm grip of his waist and placed her right hand on his bottom. She looked at her daughter sternly and barked out an order Tara Elizabeth, go and fetch my hairbrush.

Tara fairly leaped up, knowing that any time that her middle name was used; her bottom would be very quickly ablaze moments later.

(Read the whole story here)


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