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Miss Montana's academy

Posted at 17:43 on 30 Apr 2008 by Pandora / Blake

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I don't know if any of you have read Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling? (one of Anne Rice's many pseuodonyms for her erotic fiction). It's one of her better works, far superior to the silly and overblown Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Or perhaps I'm just biased - it was one of the very first works of spanking erotica I read, aged about 15, and it affected me deeply. It's a tender, intelligent romance set in a high-class BDSM club, which is established by Lisa, the main protagonist. The story is about her love affair with rebellious, thrill-hungry slave Elliot, and their road trip across America - on the run from the culture Lisa created herself - styles itself on Kerouac's bohemian classic On the Road.

I don't agree with a lot of Rampling's ideas about the psychology of BDSM - she's overly fascinated with the question "why are we like this?" - which (like the same question applied to bi- or homosexuality) always reeks to me of an attempt to explain the abnormal, to categorise and justify it. Kink doesn't need explaining, in my opinion; I have no interest in finding my "route". I'm happy to accept it in the present and explore it in the future, without any need for insecure Freudian analysis of the past. Nonetheless, Exit to Eden provided a valuable discourse to my teenage self, as it used the characters' dialogue to explore the philosophy and psychology of kink, to question how it fits into our personal narratives. It stayed with me, and a lot of my fantasies were influenced by the scenarios in the novel.

One of those scenarios is the concept of the slave training house. Before Elliot's acceptance into Lisa's prestigious Club, both Elliot and Lisa sign contracts committing themselves to private establishments as a method of exploring their own sexuality. Lisa endures a stint as the private slave of a rich gentleman; Elliot joins the house of a man called Martin, who takes a personal interest in his training. I've always loved the idea of joining such a household (and if I wasn't already owned by two beautiful men, I might well consider it); of signing away one's rights to elegant strangers for a period of time.

When English Spankers asked me to write my own plot for a shoot with them and Zoe Montana, I found myself coming back to this fantasy. The location had a beautiful, well-equipped private dungeon - not normally a comfortable setting for spanking films, but English Spankers expressed an interest in pursuing darker themes, and as you all know, my primary passion is not so much spanking as D/s. I decided to set the story in Miss Montana's Academy, a training house for willing submissives. My character is a kinky girl who, unlike me, has not had the fortune to find safe dominant partners. She hasn't had the chance to fully explore her sexuality and decides to apply to an advert offering training to interested subs. She has no idea what to expect when she arrives at the house, and once there, she signs consent forms allowing Miss Montana and the house doms full privileges during her stay.

The story follows her progress from her arrival, to her training and eventual use as a session submissive by Miss Montana's gentlemen friends and clients. I filmed a video diary chronicling my character's thoughts throughout, as she's taken deeper and deeper into her own desires.

The first photoset, covering my arrival at the academy and my induction by Miss Montana, is now online at English Spankers, and the film accompanying it will be going up on Friday. It's a three-part series, and we have plans for a three-part sequel chronicling the character's evolving relationship with one of the clients, which I'll be shooting with my own Dom, Mr Cameron, a week on Monday. We've been emailling each other story ideas all day and I'm very excited - it should be very personal and extremely hot. (We're also considering getting a bit more horny on camera than normal - but I don't know whether you lot would think that was all a bit much! Any thoughts?)

I've really enjoyed looking back through the photos and remembering the shoot - Miss Montana is a subtle (and gorgeous) switch as well as an ace spankee, and it was great fun working with her. English Spankers have uploaded a couple of free video clips from this series to whet your appetite - take a look and let me know what you think!


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