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Paddled and bruised

Posted at 18:53 on 21 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, other pictures, paddle

I've been enjoying Michelle's new blog, Spanked with a Paddle. I hope she won't be offended if I say that the entries and pictures she posts are smut, pure and simple, and it's absolutely brilliant.

I love analysis and intellectual discussion about spanking, but it's equally important to spend time just looking at whatever turns you on. I normally prefer fiction, drawings or longer movies to photos or clips, but every so often a photo will press my buttons. Not many relative to the vast number I look at in the course of my modelling and blogging, but some. Here are a few that have ensnared me lately, stopped me and made me stare:

Paddles are one implement where my fantasies hugely outreach my experience or tolerance. I'm spanked with a crisp, light wooden paddle semi-regularly, but I've only felt the burn of a heavy wooden school paddle once in my life (and that story is a whole other entry).

For years after I started coming to terms with my kink and being spanked by boyfriends, wooden paddles were pretty much a hard limit. I was terrified of them: two hard swats on the bare with a ping pong bat age 16 (I jumped up and insisted that my boyfriend at the time stop right there - which he did; he wasn't my Dom) had put me off the implement completely.

Except, of course, that the psychology of this kink of ours is founded on paradoxes. Paddles were the implement I was most frightened of: and overnight, they became one of the things I fantasised about most frequently. I kept returning to those two swats, over and again, pushing myself further in the safety of my own imagination than I could ever go in reality. And as I've become more experienced, my paddling fantasies have scaled up to match: they are still far more severe than I could easily take. Not that I could never learn to take them, but just that I am so unused to the heavier versions of the implement that it would be some time before I could build up to the punishment swats of my fantasies.

These pictures, then, hook straight into some of the more uncharted territory in my imagination. Are the girls relatively new to spanking, still in that glorious honeymoon period where every stroke leaves beautiful bruises? (I know, for instance, that Bailey in the second picture isn't.) Or are these photos of really quite serious paddlings? Could I ever go through with a punishment like this, or do I just not have it in me? My inner pervert doesn't care: all it knows is that these pictures are hot.


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