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the first session

Posted at 13:00 on 10 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

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Has it really been over a week since I last posted? I knew I'd been busy, but I didn't realise the time had flown that quickly. Apologies to all those I owe emails or replies - I'll get on it as soon as I have time.

Sadly, I don't have time to sit down and catch up now - I have a social engagement for the rest of the day, and then I'm getting up bright and early tomorrow morning to get ready for my shoot with English Spankers. Tom and I will be travelling up in the afternoon, arriving in time to shoot one scene on Sunday evening, and then we have to finish the others on Monday morning, so it's going to be a pretty hectic pace. Leia-Ann Woods will be arriving on Monday, and while I unfortunately won't be able to stay to watch her scenes, we apparently have a two-sub scene planned before I leave, which I'm rather looking forward to. I've worked with Leia a couple of times, shooting for Bars and Stripes and Northern Spanking, but she's been behind the camera each time and I've never been spanked alongside her before. I suspect this is going to be lots of fun :)

In the meantime, the second part of my story at English Spankers went online on Friday. The play in the first part was a little gentle to really satisfy me, but this strapping hurt. I remember feeling very helpless in that position - with my legs spread and my back arched I had to keep my bottom presented at all times, and every time the stinging leather bit into it I had to struggle to stay in position.

The website describes the scene as follows: "For the second part of Pandoras story she is handed over to a visiting master. He is determined to thrash Pandora regardless of her wishes and desires. She is first of all paddled and then, bent over the spanking bench deep in the dungeon she is given a hard session with the thick leather ferala. She has agreed with her mistress that she will accept all punishment without complaint, has she pleased her mistress? Another great film in the Pandora series and more revelations in her video diary."

Something that made me laugh after filming this was that Zoe had lent us the round leather paddle as a warm-up before the thicker leather strap, assuring me that it didn't hurt, but the first half-dozen strokes with it were the most painful thing to happen to me all day! The exposed position meant that the edges of the doubled leather slapper kept wrapping slightly around my buttock, and smacking the vulnerable skin in between. It absolutely killed, at least until my skin warmed up and that gradual, pleasant tingle began to take the edge off each stroke. But I liked that it hurt more than I'd expected. It tipped me instantly into character, made me feel as helpless and vulnerable as she must feel. And it was funny afterwards teasing Zoe about the fact that she'd unwittingly signed me up to more pain, when trying to get me off the hook :)

There wasn't much dialogue in this scene, so I was free to immerse myself completely in the pain, to ignore everything else. I disappeared inside my own head a bit during this whipping, let myself be tossed from sensation to sensation. Certainly from where I was kneeling, it was very hot indeed (which I'm fairly sure must be evident in the film given how exposed I am ... and even though I write a blog about how spanking turns me on, it's still horribly embarrassing when you can see). But I'm not sure how well it translates to cinema. It was a bit self-indulgent - I wasn't really acting at all, just floating in my own little world. I hope some of that comes across, and that this film is enjoyable even though I'm not playing to the camera. It was certainly fun to make :)


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