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after the party

Posted at 09:58 on 13 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: English Spankers, Leia-Ann Woods, Photos, shoot writeups, Thomas Cameron

Leia-Ann Woods arrived at the English Spankers shoot as Mr C and I were halfway through our final scene. We'd been hard at work (or play; I never quite know which word fits best) all morning, playing two characters with a very edgy D/s dynamic between them. It was deep roleplay; exhilirating and exhausting. Even after my final caning we still had to do the stills, and after those I was drained, happy, and just wanted to curl up with my lover and sleep the rest of the day away.

But they'd planned a double scene with me and Leia-Ann, and I'd been looking forward to it - she's a great roleplayer and I've never acted with her before, although I've done a couple of shoots with her behind the camera. I was half-expecting another immersive psychological scene - all three of us are into D/s in our private lives, after all, and we're all experienced players. It would make sense for English Spankers to take advantage of that. My nerves were at an intense pitch; I still hadn't quite recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of that morning's shooting, and so many endorphines were flooding my body I was feeling giddy.

When the English Spankers told us they wanted a silly, erotic, consensual spanking scene, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. It seemed such a waste of my heightened emotional state; I was ready to dive back into subspace at a moment's notice. But it was Leia's first scene of the day, and they decided they wanted something light-hearted. Peter described the scene to Leia and I: two young ladies home from an school disco themed office party, who seduce their colleague with spanking banter and end up getting more than they bargained for. The two of us went upstairs to try and find school uniforms as close to matching as possible. "I hate this sort of scene," I said to her as we compared tartans. "Yeah, me too," she agreed. We're both submissives: we like violence, coercion, power play. Persuading someone to spank you is all very well in real life, but it has no place in our fantasies.

I'm sorry to say that we didn't take the scenario very seriously. It was a bad pun fest from start to finish, with Leia and I taking the piss out of everything we could think of - Tom, each other, the director's instructions to sit with our legs far enough apart that the camera could see our knickers. I hadn't had much to drink, but my endorphine-fuelled giddiness matched that of my character. And while the office party was pure fiction, Tom and I may as well have just had our own private party (well, as private as you can be on set) in terms of its effect on our moods. We were high, inhibitions thrown to the winds. And for all my misgivings about consensual spanking scenarios, it seemed to work out alright. The photos stand by themselves - we might have been larking about, but it looked good.

Both Leia and I were vulnerable - she was on her first spanking of the day and needed a good warm-up, and I was bruised and sore from filming three previous scenes. Tom lingered over my "warm-up" as much to cover up my welts with a more even redness as anything else, and every smack made me wince. I was tender as all hell, and the brisk, cheerful spanking of the piece was the last thing I wanted - my headspace was still much more suited to slow, dreamy contact.

But I think the English Spankers are wiser than I realised. That chirpy, silly, pun-filled spanking was exactly the tonic I needed to bring me down before I had to face the journey home. The hand-spanking acted as a warm-down as much as anything else, and the giggles really helped ease my endorphine crash. (The wine helped as well.) When spanking two girls who are each at opposite ends of an adrenaline curve - one just having peaked, the other barely starting to climb - I honestly can't think of a better way of handling it. Despite my preference for dark, serious, psychological fantasies, at that time a fun, erotic spanking scene was exactly what my battered emotions - and bruised bottom - needed.


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