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Posted at 11:25 on 23 Jul 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: al fresco spanking, films and TV, Performers and producers, shoot writeups, Zoe Montana

Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on my last post, or linked to it from their own blog. I'm only touching base at home for an hour or so before I'm going away again tonight, so I'm sorry I won't get the chance to reply until later this week. Your thoughts and support are very much appreciated, and I'm particularly glad to see a number of people who have signed up to Northern Spanking or promoted them on their own blog. Congratulate yourself on doing a Good Thing, and I hope you don't lose too many days of your life exploring the vast archives of the site :)

I had a shoot last Thursday which was very relevant to one of the topics in my last post - spanking becoming more accepted in the mainstream. I was filming for a company called Bullseye TV, producing a post-watershed documentary/comedy show for Bravo Television called Sexarama. I don't have a TV so I've never seen the show, but apparently they're doing a feature on a long-standing member of the scene, Mike Payne of Mike's Spanking Booth, and resident Headmaster of the House of Spanking¹. As his website suggests, Mike is an avid spanko and has an historic collection of phone cards - adverts left in phonebooth by spanking professionals. Sexarama are running a feature on Mike's phone card collection, and they wanted to include a sexy, funny spanking clip to spice up the show.

Mike is a switch, so I went along to play the spankee role and Zoe Montana joined us as a top. Bullseye had put together a silly, slapstick little script full of recursive humour, which was designed to be filmed in a silent movie style, complete with melodramatic captions. It was a stables scene, with me playing the abused stablegirl, Mike the aristocrat who takes advantage of her, and Zoe his strict wife who catches him and takes him in hand.

We were filming in a real stables in a rural location. The family knew what the show was about and were very laidback about it, although we did have to be careful keeping the kids out of sight, particularly since I had to be nude in one of the scenes. TV is an extraordinarily slow process, with 90% of the day taken up by technical fiddling and faff. As the stablegirl, I had to be grooming a horse in several of the scenes, so at the start of the day the lady who ran the stables introduced me to a 4-year-old stallion called Diamond. He was beautiful - cop-trained, very calm, and absolutely loved being groomed. He'd been rolling in the mud and was covered in dust, and Zoe and I spent a happy couple of hours currying him until he was sleek. There was nothing else for me to do between takes, and I wanted to earn his trust and friendship so that working with him would be easier. I pretty much spent the whole day petting and grooming him until he shone; combing his mane; stroking him and feeling the warmth and power of his muscles rippling underneath my hand. I don't have much experience with horses, but by the end of the day I was completely in love. I didn't want to leave.

In the last scene, after my spanking, Mike gets his comeuppance while I return to my duties. The last shot shows me, still nude and with a recently-spanked pink bottom, grooming Diamond and looking rather self-satisfied as Mike is punished. Enjoying my revenge was great fun, but Diamond can take the rest of the credit for my glee. Currying a horse while naked was one of the most sensual, intimate experiences of my life. Not erotic - but very intense. I had a strong urge to jump up and ride off bareback into the sunset, but thankfully I don't know how or I might have got myself into rather a lot of trouble...

Spending the day outdoors in lovely English countryside, grooming a beautiful, elegant animal, making friends with the other horses and playing with the dogs - pretty much a perfect day in my book. Being spanked was just the icing on the cake!

None of the Bullseye crew were kinky, but they were all very interested and open-minded, and the slant of the show seemed to be pretty positive. They interviewed all three of us, and hopefully we did our kink credit. At the end of the day Zoe offered a caning to anyone who wanted it, and both Mike and I took turns to drop our jodphurs and place our hands on the stables wall for six of the best. A caning from a beautiful woman was just what I needed to round a perfect day off on a real high. After seeing how much Mike and I were enjoying ourselves, a very brave member of the camera crew allowed himself to be talked into taking two canestrokes himself. Zoe didn't pull back, and he walked away with two very impressive vivid purple weals. He said it definitely wasn't for him, although he might perhaps be interested in playing a top role. But I was impressed. A caning is scary even if you are into it. Kudos to him for giving it a try.

By the end of the day, I felt very optimistic about the future of spanking. Even outside the scene there are pockets of acceptance and open-mindedness where That Thing We Do is viewed as okay. Here's hoping the show will help shift spanking ever so slightly closer to the mainstream.

1. Both sites are currently down, but they were working a few days ago and I think that Mike hosts both of them, so I assume he's just having temporary server problems.


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