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sunshine and no knickers

Posted at 17:50 on 2 Jul 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, Fantasies, pandoras mailbox

Well, I'm back in London from an energetic, happy camping holiday - tanned, tired, fitter and a year older as of last weekend. Neither of my Doms were there to give me a birthday spanking, but I spent a lovely day in the sunshine, and the friends I was away with teamed up to buy me a very generous gift :) London's still sunny, thankfully, but I'm pining to be back outdoors. Being at my desk doesn't seem very inspiring after a week in the fields.

Thanks very much to those who asked questions - I'll answer them each in turn over the next few days, hopefully interpersed with a sexy real-life spanking story or two. (I've got a date with Mr C tonight, and he's making sinister remarks about birthday canings and the disciplinary value of the number 24...)

Q: Why are you not wearing knickers in your photograph?

There are two answers to this question.

The first is that I'm at a private photoshoot in Scotland with an amateur photographer. The house we're shooting at has amazing grounds, and he wants to catch some sneaky outdoor shots in the lovely late afternoon sun. It's February, and although the light is golden it's not warm outside. We've just been indoors shooting some wet knickers photos with some beautiful Victorian porcelain chamber pots. When we go outside my white cotton knickers are still wet, and the combination of cold wind and damp cloth gives me goosebumps. I pose up against the six-bar farm gate, bending over and putting my hands on the wooden bars. Then the photographer directs me up against the yellow wall of the house, and tells me to pull my damp knickers down to my knees. I shiver as my bottom is exposed to the cold breeze. He tells me to lean my elbows on the wall. I can hear cars driving past on the road behind me and am anxious that passersby can see, might think I'm a genuine schoolgirl in disgrace, that the elderly photographer is my strict father. I bite my lip and imagine being told to wait here before being allowed inside, wanting desperately for the humiliation to end, but knowing that when I went into the house a spanking would be waiting for me.

The second answer is that I am wearing knickers, they're round my knees, look. Would I go outside in public with no knickers on? What do you take me for, some kind of tart? :P


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