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Posted at 11:05 on 4 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: DVD releases, Photos, Roue, Thomas Cameron

One of the film projects I mentioned the other day is for Roue. I knew that they were planning a redesign of their site to make films available for download, but I knew that the new site wasn't live yet and so hadn't gone to have a look. I was sending someone the url the other day and typed it into my browser to check I'd remembered it right, and was surprised to see that Mr C and I are on the front page:

That's a still from my second film with them, as yet untitled. If you refresh a few times it looks like they've got a couple of images on random selection, from the first two DVDs I've filmed with Roue. Both of them are still in the editing stage - I think when the third is filmed they'll be releasing them together as a trilogy (I posted the cover design for the first film a little while ago).

The second film has new characters and an Edwardian setting. It's a sapphic love story of guilt and desire, with Tom playing the worldly young dancing master at my character's finishing school. Miranda's crush on him leads to shame and embarrasment when she's sent to him for punishment, and despite her best efforts she keeps getting into trouble as she's dragged into a tangled relationship with a young lady whose motivations are not entirely virtuous. Not wanting to get her beau into trouble, and wracked by guilt for having what she perceives as unclean and unChristian desires for another girl, Miranda lets herself be manipulated by this devious young lady while believing herself to be the corrupting influence. Eventually, despairing of her plummeting grades and the fate of her immortal soul, Miranda seeks help with the teacher she's been seeing so much of lately, and begs him for help in seeking the atonement she needs to cut herself off from her bad news girlfriend. You can imagine what form of atonement he suggests ...

The sequel is going to deal with Miranda's expulsion from her finishing school a year later, and her enrolement in Mr Cameron's private establishment for wayward young ladies. We should be filming in September. I'm very excited! :)


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