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Spanked by her editor

Posted at 11:09 on 4 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Lupus Spanking, making a scene, Niki Flynn, otk spanking, Performers and producers, Real life punishment, Videos

Niki Flynn has uploaded a free spanking clip to her blog, in which her "editor" (played by Ludwig of Rohrstockpalast) spanks her for not working hard enough to promote her book, Dances with Werewolves. The punishment seems to have focussed her mind: she not only edited a video of the spanking into a neat little promotional clip, but she's also distributing it for free online.

Niki's been nominated for the prestigious Writer of the Year title at the Erotic Awards. Help her win the award and boost her sales figures by linking the clip - and buying the book, if you haven't already.

I've been very lax in not writing a review of Niki's book here already, so I'll take a moment to remedy that now. Dances with Werewolves starts out as a familiar, gossipy introduction to the spanking industry, full of recognisable figures and mischievous commentary. The narrative soon deepens, however, into an investigation of how Niki came to be aware of her kink and how it affected her growing up. Like many kinky people, Niki's desires manifested young, and like many of us she went through a phase of fearing that they were harmful and unhealthy, and despairing of ever having a "normal" sexuality. Her discussion of fantasy, consent, fear and discipline is sensitive and thought-provoking. Although she and I seem to be into similar things on the surface, the underlying motivations between mine and Niki's kinks are very different, and it was fascinating to read another perspective. At the same time as celebrating the broad range of human sexuality, Niki's story has enough common ground with my own for me to identify strongly her as she gradually explored her desires and her deepest self.

At this point the book deviates from my - and most people's - experience, as Niki decides to apply for a part in a Lupus film, having never done professional spanking work before in her life. This brave leap takes her further up and further in to a compelling world of political, psychological, painful films that allow her to come face to face with the extremes of human experience. Her conscientiousness and self-awareness during her voyage of discovery are to be admired as much as her courage. Niki's a fantastic storyteller with a brilliantly dark sense of humour. Her honest appraisal of her desires and experiences make for compelling reading.

The book is a celebration of kink, a wry look at an industry that is both sublime and ridiculous, and a powerful story about fear, desire, and knowing oneself. If there are any films mentioned in the book that you haven't seen, you will come away wanting to watch them. And quite right too. Niki's influence on the world of spanking films has been positive and lasting. Her imagination, spirit and bravery has left a legacy of films that are, like this book, raw, scary, honest, challenging, intelligent and funny. And, of course, incredibly hot.


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