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A celebratory caning (and tawsing)

Posted at 20:11 on 11 Sep 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: blogiversary, Photos, Thomas Cameron, Videos

Ta da!

The definition is definitely an improvement on the miniDV we used last time - I'm really happy with the quality of this :) It's a shame that the natural light has bleached the colours out a bit, meaning it's hard to make out the lovely crimson marks you can see in the photos (although they're visible whenever the camera zooms in). I'm not very good yet at predicting how light levels etc will come out on camera. But I'll improve with practice :)

I'm still quite bewildered by the extent of these marks. I never mark up this much normally, although I don't get punished without a warmup often, so I suppose that makes all the difference. Mr C has decided he likes punishing me without a warmup, and also that he likes the senior tawse which I'd never had used on me before the first stroke that you see in this video. So I doubt that this time was the last. I am not at all sure that I approve of this turn of events.

Sadistic as he is, I do want to say thankyou to Mr C for being such a lovely, steadying disciplinarian and for giving me much needed kisses and cuddles, as well as the thrashing I had coming. Thanks also to J, our fantastic cameraman, who also found a location, drove us all there, and edited the file for me - you are an absolute star :) And of course, thanks to all you lot for taking part and being such good sports, particularly Prefectdt who had the original idea :)

Happy blogiversary to me! I hope you enjoy the clip :)


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