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Snow White

Posted at 15:38 on 18 Sep 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: fetish art, other pictures, Performers and producers, those crazy kinksters

Beverly Bacci, a fetish model who's worked for Punished Brats and Clare Fonda, recently did a wardrobe clearout. She didn't want to give her used knickers to a charity shop, but didn't want to throw them away either as some of them were pretty expensive. (Why would anyone get rid of expensive knickers? So what if her knicker drawer was full? Have two knicker drawers!) Anyway, since several of the knickers were ones she'd worn in spanking videos, she thought there might be some interest in them from fellow spankos. So she posted pics of them on her blog and invited her readers to place bids and pervy requests.

To be honest, although she's gorgeous, I'm not interested in creamed knickers - they're pretty and I want to wear them myself, damnit. So I said I couldn't afford a cash bid, but I would trade her some used knickers for some art of her. She said bring it on.

Beverly is a crazier cat than I, and works in a lot of off-the-wall genres - balloon-popping, belly-punching, and necro-fetish¹ being some of the more weird and wonderful. And she's got black hair, so I thought hey, I'll paint her as Snow White.

It's fairly well known these days how gruesome and horrific the real old fairy tales are, but if any of them is necro-porn, it's Snow White. In the original story she's murdered three times by her beautiful, jealous step-mother! Who tries to eat her heart and drink her blood! The dwarves display her corpse in a glass coffin because she's so pretty and sexy when she's dead! So pretty and sexy that the handsome prince tries to snog her! While she's dead! Come on, tell me this isn't a story with a serious corpse kink.

Anyway, I hope Beverly likes the picture enough to give me some of her panties.

1. I admit I'm slightly uneasy about murder fetish, but who am I to judge? Thinking it through, necro-porn is to murder as spanking porn is to assault or child abuse. As long as the porn is staged and fair trade, I think its existence is a positive thing, because it provides a safe outlet, just like roleplay does.


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