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Posted at 13:47 on 7 Jan 2009 by Pandora / Blake

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Slips seem to be coming back into fashion. I don't usually wear them myself, unless I'm dressing up in Victorian attire, in which case it's a full-length petticoat. But I know an increasing number of young ladies who are rediscovering the joys of a full-length slip or chemise under dresses, or a half-slip under kneelength skirts.

Strangely, despite the increase in mainstream popularity I haven't seen many slips featured in spanking photos. You'd think that spankos would be taking the lead on the resurgence of the slip (and if this thread is anything to go by, some of you certainly do). Consider the slow reveal of most spanking porn, which is so popular it's become cliche: first, the innocent spanking over the skirt, chaste enough for any realistic teacher/schoolgirl or daddy/daughter scenario. Then, more humiliatingly, over panties - full panties, of course, never a thong, or else this stage would be meaningless. The exposure of the bare bottom is made more powerful by anticipation, both to the spankee and the viewer. We like full knickers because of their old-fashioned innocence, the way they flatter and support the shape of the ass, the way they take the edge off a the sharpest smacks and leave total nudity to the imagination. We like all these things as a prelude to the end-game of bare bottom punishment, and as a game in themselves.

Slips have all of that old-world glamour, and they add an extra layer of mystique to the undressing process. They peep seductively under the hems of skirts, adding a tantalising glimpse of satiny lingerie. Does the colour and fabric of the slip one can see peeking out just above the knee match the panties hidden underneath? A girl wearing a slip is suddenly a lady - which makes turning her into a girl again with a spanking all the more profound. Slips feel silky and sensual to the wearer and, in this coldest of winters, provide a much-needed extra layer of insulation. Surely they're the ideal spanko garment.

So where are the shoots featuring spanking over slips? Is this a niche that needs to be filled?


I do hope not. Knickers may be one thing (and even then I almost always insist they are removed). But slips are non-regulation here, and as such would automatically earn a caning.

Slips are so sexy, but for me the bare bottom is the even more sexy. Its time that more items of clothing are featured in spanking shoots, videos etc. In the latest blog entry of spanking delights I tell the world about the harsh spanking that I give Nomi and how she enjoyed it. So it might be good to see if I can get her to dress up more for the photographs but at least in these ones you can see all the welts that her beautiful bottom got and deserved.

We've actually shot quite a bit with full and half slips at our site, but personally, I must own maybe 50 different ones myself. When I spend time with my Dom, he insists I always wear a slip and I think his passion goes back to the spanking mags of old where lots of girls DID wear slips and it adds another dimension to the whole "reveal" ritual. I used to hate the slips and found them tiresome and hot to have another layer, but now I really like them and teamed with sexy underwear make me feel really feminine, and perhaps even a little vulnerable. Delicious!

The nice thing with slips is when you're playing layer by layer, starting across full clothes and ending on bare skin. Especially if there's an agreed number of strokes per layer and I get surprised by how many layers she's wearing.

I'm all for long satin slips and gowns. Whips and canes sound quite different over even the thinnest silk. Best of all is when two welted cheeks peep out through a long rip in the back seam...

I'm all for long satin slips and gowns. Whips and canes sound quite different over even the thinnest silk. Best of all is when two welted cheeks peep out through a long rip in the back seam...

I think slips are very sexy.

I think it is great that women are now wearing slips. I believe that a slip is the sexiest part of her wardrobe and when revealed through a slit in her skirt or dress or hanging below the hemline adds to her mystique. An OTK spanking on her slip covered bottom allows her some dignity as she is being spanked and I find very sexy as in the Chase & Sanborn Coffee ad from the August 17, 1952 edition of Life Magazine. My question to the women who participate in this forum do you feel a differnce when you are being spanked with a slip covering your bottom as opposed to being bare bottom. And does it turn you or the man on sexually when he is spanking you on your slip covered bottom?


Virtually all of our spanking films feature a young lady showing her petticoat

Slips & petticoats are , to me, the most sexy clothes a girl can wear, especially if it is just showing below the hem of a skirt. And if a lady teacher raises her arm to spank you or cane you her slip shows. These, to me are sexy drawings of girls getting spanked. I love his drawings of girls, they are nearly all wearing slips or petticoats.

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