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amateur dramatics

Posted at 16:31 on 19 Jan 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: acting, dominance and submission, Thomas Cameron

I've just got back from a (mostly) vanilla theatre weekend with Tom, which was enormous fun. I rarely have the time to be in dramatic productions, even if I were good enough, but I love stage-acting. For the most part I keep the cravings at bay with spanking modelling, bedroom roleplay and amateur dramatic events with my friends, like this one.

Even among my non-scene friends there are quite a few kinksters, which occasionally surfaces in our interpration of plays. This weekend, for instance, saw a delightfully sleazy Lollio in The Changeling, threatening his hapless patients with a leather flogger. Elizabethan drama mentions whipping rather a lot, in fact, which can lead to some hilariously uncanonical laughs when the actors know each other's kinks. Such as my line as Lucio at the end of Measure for Measure:

"If you will hang me for it, you may; but I
had rather it would please you I might be whipt."

Definitely one to add to the list of lines to insert into a spanking movie.


I get a real kick off acting. Doing private play-readings or performances with a close group of friends is are just as much fun as making spanking movies, in a very different way. Acting together is something Tom and I have done since we first met, and our relationship thrives on the energy it generates. I've enjoyed a semi-sexual charge all weekend with dear friends who aren't and never will be lovers, but who understand the intimacy of that spark. And when Tom and I finally tore ourselves away from the merry-making, that energy poured itself into some of the hottest D/s sex we've had in weeks. Spanking wasn't on the agenda due to shared accommodation with thin walls (we didn't want to wake people up, although I suspect my cries were audible no matter how hard I tried to muffle them by biting down on the duvet), but we didn't need it. Watching him act makes me incredibly horny, and I'd been wanting to pounce him all weekend. When his hand finally closed around my throat and his eyes locked with mine, the rest of the world disappeared. I am his, and in that moment my awareness of the fact filled my whole consciousness. It was like my whole self became sublimely sensitive, responsive to the lightest of touches. It made my spine and my soul tingle.

If he can make me feel that way without even hurting me, I'm trembling with anticipation at the thought of what might happen now that we're home.


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