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I can't move

Posted at 11:08 on 30 Jan 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: fetish art, other pictures

I don't try to make a clear distinction between porn and art. When an image turns me on, is it because of the ideas it expresses or the way it expresses them? Sometimes I find myself aroused by a photo that I find aesthetically tasteless. Sometimes I'm mesmerised by the technical quality of an image, find myself gazing and gazing even though the scene it depicts isn't one I'd normally appreciate. Sometimes images tell a story, and it doesn't matter what the story's about or how good the photography is, it's the look in the model's eyes, the emotional hook of the hinted narrative that reels me in. Sometimes an image is just beautiful, so beautiful you leave the tab open and just keep on coming back to drink it in.

I recently found a secret stash of images exactly like this. I Can't Move is a preview for a new site of vintage bondage furniture, kinky photography, filthy stories and home movies.

Beautiful girls in dirty basements. Tied to chairs. Torn dresses. Sprawled on the floor, with smudges and bruises scuffing their perfect skin. Bound, blindfolded, shackled, chained. Knickers ripped off and pooled around dirty ankles. Hair pulled, tousled, wrenched. Breasts and throats roughly handled. A rich diversity of beauty, celebrating dark and pale, voluptuous and slender.

This is dirty sex at its best, homebuilt furniture perfectly setting off the grungy aesthetic. The decor is bare stone walls, ratty carpets, wrought iron flaking with rust. Some of the photos create glowing tableaux, posed beauties with the silhouettes of shackled Victorian maidens. Others pop with dynamic tension, expressing in a single still the violent energy of forced sex.

The site design is perhaps not the most accessible, but the presentation of the images is richly evocative, reminiscent of polaroids and nineties grunge. I hope the site owner doesn't mind my cutting these shots out to show you.

And the lighting, the compositions. The colours.

"I am inspired by the world of erotic pulp fiction. Naked damsels in distress and kinky sex stories populated the covers and pages of these early magazines. I put down my camera and picked up my hand tools in an effort to create my idea of vintage bondage furniture.

"I am using the 1930s as the inspiration for both the materials used to construct the pieces as well as the visual presentation through my photography. I am limiting myself to materials that would have been available to the builder of the furniture in the 30s. By doing so the pieces take on a feel of what I call improvisational bondage, more organic and singular than most bondage furniture I have seen."

I just love that the site owner is more interested in the furniture than the girls. :)


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